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  1. Have you pulled out the battery and then cinnect the phone on the pc???
  2. Hi there well i think i have an solution. If you could use the New Odin version 3.1.3 wich came with the Froyo leak (JPC version) you can also put a mark on UPDATE BOOTLOADER and CLEAR EFS Perhaps your problem will then be undone and you can get past that AT&T logo....
  3. Again no kudos for me but for the leaker!!! URL http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...063#post7894063 DOWNLOAD : http://www.multiupload.com/H1ZIEIERGA The release version is Chinese Languages are Chinese, Korean, English From what i have quickly read on XDA is that it's a JP2 release. A few people benchmarked it with quadrant getting a 965 without the lagfix. With lagfix it's about a 1800/1900 Looks somewhat more stable also better GPS etc. Installing now... Way too excited to go to the bathroom right now!!! :huh: Will this be the one? Will it be stable? aaarrggghhhh gonna try it right now Also in the download there is a new Odin and pitfile and also the option to update bootloader and clear efs (Extended file system clearing but doesn't work ). I will post results ASAP UPDATES : Bootloader Update brings just 1 extra line in recovery menu wich says use volume up and down to select item and use home button to accept Startup logo from samsung shows at the end that S wich glows looks like the also added from grey color to blue/purple or i never noticed that it displayed grey also 1st Boot is slow GUI is WOW!!!!! when it's scanning for media it gives % of howfar it is with scanning. Drop down menu now also has the option to enable/disable auto rotation ROOT ACCESS : Download root files from here: http://www.multiupload.com/4ERNP4FIN8 2. Extract and copy update.zip to /sd of phone 3. Run Odin with Auto Reboot UN-checked, loading the i9000_Kernel.tar as PDA 4. Put the phone into download mode and flash the i9000 Kernel. 5. Pull the battery. reboot into recovery mode and flash the update.zip you put in the root folder of your sdcard. 5. Pull the battery again, reboot into download mode again. 6. Run Odin with Auto Reboot checked, loading the ZSJP2_ZIMAGE.tar as PDA 7. reboot. FINAL THOUGHT : I like it a lot but if i get the question off will i use it these days it will be NO Simply because i'm dutch and the phone is in english and the GUI shows some chinese characters when rooting etc. Also menu is pretty snappy but freezes also for a second when wiping fron left to right etc. Samsung is doing a great job with 2.2 compared to the JP3 leak. But still i pass this one over and gonna stick with JM6
  4. SC001

    JM6 leaked

    About the radio file ehhh i live in holland and it's raining all day so when i had JM5 on it it rained all day also meaning my phone went from 3g/HSDPA to GPRS no matter where i was inside or outside. So this morning it's also raining but i had better connection with jm6 wich is holding my phone allday on 3g/hsdpa same goes for gps (good connection). So yes, in my field use the radio file is better but i DON'T KNOW wich version they put in jm6 so this is my personal note about the radio file. Further more i'm not an idiot or something, i always think about stuff before posting them. ON TOPIC : Had the phone on all day 12 emails sent, called +/- 50 minutes, had twitter and gps on all day phone is still about 43% with battery so i think the battery life is better also. When applied the lagfix i noticed that when downloading apps from the market the phone has the tendency to hang/stall.
  5. SC001

    JM6 leaked

    Well i did the Lagfix V4.0 with the super user acces (the one you need to put the phone in download mode) and i had some issues when running the script SL4A. Apperantly it took from 2 AM to now (8:42) to create a 1 gig lagfix file! In other words it hanged, so i did it again when waking up this morning and it went a OK. Phone feels a lot faster with the lagfix but there is also a better ram management in JM6 hat i read on XDA. And i can feel that because sometimes it looks like it's on steroids and the other time it's pretty standard like it has no lagfix. So i'm thinking that the lagfix has an issue with the ram management i think
  6. Hi everyone! I was surfing the web and found this on XDA http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=763369 No Kudos for me, but for the person who leaked this!!!! About JM6 : JM6 runs a bit more stable (came from jm2, jm5 had unstable radio) It also runs a bit faster during booting even without the lagfix! For the rest everything is pretty much the same, GPS is still quick, WiFi doesn't make the phone hang etc. Radio file is more stable then JM5 My signal strength fluctuated a lot and with this one (jm6) it's more stable. Also when i download a few things at the same time my phone begins to hang at some time, jm6 apperantly doesn't have any problems with downloading multiple items. Taking pictures look a bit better (CMOS update????) Accelerometer is somewhat faster with its response. So try it and give the leaker respect!!!! EDIT : Whoops while i was typing this an other person started the topic already please delete mine if needed.
  7. I am not having problems with my phone finish etc. But then again i always have clean hands with no mud on em and i always clean my phone with those alcohol towels wich people who wear glasses use to clean them. Also my phone is in my right pocket and keys in my left pocket so i dont get any scratches. So if you want to keep the phone pretty use a microfiber towel to wipe of the dirt and your phone should be looking fine....
  8. First off all GREAT ROM!!!!! Second off all i'm new to this cuz i came from blackberry so please have patience with me. I have found a few bugs in Sense and i have a few requests etc. Bugs : When you have recorded a video with the phone and you want to play back from the video camera menu it doesn't play sound and you see a microphone with a cross symbol in the top left corner of the screen. But when you watch it in media player you can hear the sound When you press the task switch button (the button between the answer and hang up button) and you play a song in sense. Then the song doesn't show up in that task switcher on the bottom (now playing) Requests Well those two fixed and the whole sense is A OK Also is there also a multilanguage rom available???
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