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  1. Ahh many many thanks both. Spare Parts is the one I was thinking of, but may check the other one out too... Thanks again
  2. Sorry to start a whole new thread for this but I can't find what I'm looking for anywhere - so many pages!! Just put Cyanogen 7 on phone and finding it a great experience - faster than 6 for me at the moment but I have obviously undone the red end call button thing which no just black screens again instead of returning to home screen. Can anybody remember what the app is called that let us reset it please?
  3. I too found that this was the only way to install this without the error as stated earlier. Using it now with Zeam launcher and all seems very fast and stable so far. Good work everybody involved thankyou!
  4. Am I missing something? I installed this and it looks great but it is telling me the android market is not installed. How do I get it installed please?
  5. Yes!! And unticked it and ticked again ad infinitum! As I say, my wife has had no issues at all with it! Still no damn T-mob signal today! Rubbish service recently... And still no roaming on to Orange UPDATE - For some unknown reason after resetting the APN settings to default (not that I had changed them!) the roaming thing has started working!! CASE CLOSED Still no 3g reception though :)
  6. Today I got home and found (as increasingly happening) no T-Mobile signal. Having signed up for Orange / T-Mobile roaming thing I was expecting for phone to register on Orange 2g and away I go. It hasn't done this automatically and will not allow me to connect to Orange 2g manually either (sim card blocking it) Wife also has a Pulse on stock T-Mobile 2.1 and this has happened correctly for her. Any ideas??
  7. Looks like that might be what was causing the trouble with the beta maybe?
  8. When I had the beta ROM installed most of my FC's came from Voice Search playing up... I wonder if they have taken it out because of this reason.
  9. Well we are pretty used to doing that now after waiting so long for 2.1 official!!
  10. Just successfully connected to my work wifi and have been able to access the Market via 2G service (can't try with Wifi cos we got a proxy server!!) So assuming those things working on UK T-Mobile too... My sync with Google worked perfectly too
  11. First impression are very positive with this ROM. Just need to wait now for the GREATER BEINGS to customise with Apps2SD and I will be happy, happy, happy!!
  12. Do I need to do a wipe before I apply the updata??
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