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  1. This is the ROM version for the SLCD Nexus S (I9023) from what I can gather. A couple of threads down in the forum I have posted that I have successfully flashed this to my Nexus S (I9020) with the SAMOLED using the fastboot method and its currently working perfectly.
  2. Just to let you know i flashed the .img files for GRI54 from the Nexus S I9023 (SLCD). I have successfully flashed these to my NS I9020. To be honest i think the screen clarity and colours are alot better than on what was GRI40. This was abit of an adventure for me and it seems it has been a good one.
  3. Have you managed to resolve this issue? What network are you on? I was having difficulty with the Froyo radio, i'm on Vodafone i dialed *#*#4636#*#* and selected GSM/CDMA auto (PRL) i had no problems after that. Failing that you can try selecting GSM auto (PRL) this has been know to help others in some cases.
  4. I got a N1 from Vodafone UK. I can go back to EPF30 from any ROM using PASSIMG cannot go to EPE76 without fastboot. i get "main version older" think the hboot is a newer version in the EPF30. I thought you had to unlock the bootloader to install a custom recovery to use the repacks? Thanks
  5. Is the Device currently rooted? do you still get the error when using a ROM with root? Thanks
  6. The Device will not be Locked. Vodafone tests the ROMs before release but this is all they can do. Google supposedly makes changes to the Euro ROMs, emergency calling and other odd bits (see Googles blog). The N1 bought through Vodafone in the EU will not be sim locked (i got one) unlike T-Mob and AT&T in the US. However, there is an option in the bootloader that says Simlock (i'm to chicken to play with it) Lee, Let us know when it arrives. Carl
  7. I didn't have any problems when i went back to EPF30 with the Froyo radio. I use the EPF30 image from http://shipped-roms.com > extracted it and used fastboot to install recovery, system, boot. Everything was fine Wifi, Camera, signal improved. Thanks
  8. People unlock the bootloader because crawler:" because until recently, that was the only option." and it is easier to sort things out if it goes tits up. you can reinstall virtually all aspects of the ROM using fastboot recovery, system, boot etc. If your determined not to unlock your bootloader you can root without but as a side note i would download the Google Signed Passion ROM from http://shipped-roms.com just incase. if you need to return to stock you can rename to PASSIMG(.zip) place it on the SD Card and turn phone ON holding Vol Down. this method will work un/locked bootloader because the image is signed by Google. Thanks
  9. I would return the device to a Stock state see if this corrects it. Then flash whatever ROM afterwards. Download the Signed EPF30 http://shipped-roms.com rename downloaded file to PASSIMG(.zip) copy it to the SD Card root > Turn device OFF > Turn device ON holding Volume Down > It will check the PASSIMG and should ask you to press Vol Up to install. Let me know if it works. Thanks
  10. Factory reset will ONLY wipe Userdata/cache. You will lose Google Account, Apps, Contacts etc but not the root/bootloader/MCR You might also wanna format your SD Card too. Unmount it first then format Settings > Sd Card & Phone Storage > Unmount SD > (wait) then Format SD Card Carl
  11. Lee, 1. A custom recovery is a method used to flash the update.zip's from the SDCard and wipe the Userdata and Cache partitions, similar to a Stock Recovery. Main difference is no signature check is done. 2. You will need a custom recovery to install any update.zip that has not come direct from Google. 3. No, a custom recovery eliminates the signature checks and allows you to flash any update.zip. 4. No, a stock recovery will not allow you to flash a ROM that has been edited. The ROMs when you up/downgraded in the past using a Stock recovery would have been Official Google ROMs. Thanks Carl
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