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  1. Ovivo does not like the socket port In Opera mini you need to go into settings->advanced->protocol and change it form Socket/HTTP to just HTTP
  2. Just used it on my stock 2.1 Blade. Took a while, 3-6 mins. Waited it out, all ok now. Permanent root success. Thanks kallt_kaffe
  3. I tried to find ringdroid and wifi analyzer in the market place. Not there. :rolleyes: I think it might be the same sistuation as with the HTC Tattoo. Market screen size filtering.
  4. I managed to get voice search on. 1, goto this thread http://android.modaco.com/content/acer-liq...ication-anyone/ 2, download the two files in the 2nd post and put them on the SD card 3, use file manger app to install on phone. (in settings > Application settings > Unknown sources need to be on) Turn on voice button for keyboard 4, to show voice button you need to turn on the new keyboard in language & keyboard settings (one of the android keyboards will let you enable Voice input) 5, go to an search box press down until 'Input method' is displayed. select it and change to the new keyboard. Voice button on the keyboard is only displayed when google own button is unavailable. e.g. market and gmail (keyboard voice button) Browser, google search widget and google maps (googles voice button)
  5. I've noticed the crappy sound as well. I have found that when you unplug/re-plug your earphones back in and start the music again, the sound is as it should be.
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