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  1. if a device was encrypted, does it wipe everything, leaving an unencrypted, as new, device?
  2. Hello, I wanted to install JR12 over JR11. I have clockworkmod touch installed and it seems to refuse mounting my SD card. Anyone knows why? Thanks EDIT: forget it, it's just because my device is encrypted...
  3. By the way, is it possible to crypt the device?In security settings I see a cypher button, but when I click, the screen goes black with a specific droid , then it reboots and... that's all.When I read about cyphering a device it say cyphering can take up to an hour.For my tablet it took just the time to reboot...How can I check if it is cyphered? --> EDIT : strange afternoon... when I tried to cypher and my battery was under 80%, it said it needs to be charged 80% minimum. At 87 % it wouldn't cyper. At 97% the same manipulations would cypher the device...
  4. It's strange, i was holding the tablet in portrait mode and the market kept saying the app was not compatible with my device. When input it in landscape and relaunched the play store it was ok...
  5. Hello, i can't install moon+ reader (book reader). It says it's not compatible with my device. Is it because of the navigation bar on the right in landscape mode ? Can it be fixed or should I deactivate this custom setting?
  6. But as a tablet UI mode, in landscape mode does it put the info (nav buttons, wifi icon, clock...) on the bottom or on the right of the screen? I currently use smooth rom (found on xda) which provides that kind of tablet mode. Info at the bottom is not bad but I'd rather have it on the right of the screen...
  7. Hello Paul Do you think it would be possible to suppress the notification bar by moving its elements (clock, wifi icon...) to the navigation bar on the right of the screen? Idea of course is to maximise the usable screen, notably when using a browser (yes I'm frustrated by the absence of a 4/3 Nexus device...) Thanks Nicolas
  8. Paul, do you think there is a possibility to include the version 4.2 of the gmail client? Seems to add some interesting features...
  9. You need to perform a full wipe I guess. Happened to me also when wiping cache only...
  10. Thanks Paul, where can I find the logs? Yes, I can see the network, I use it with other devices at home... It seems to have begun when I setup the router to reserve a specific IP address for the nexus. But I did that this morning for several devices and only the nexus plays the bad boy...
  11. Hello I baked an Ir12 and strangely I can't access my wifi N network. No problem to join my other network (802.11 G) but nothing to do for the 802.11 N. Anyone has an idea? Thanks nico
  12. in my IR10 kitchen baked, I often have FCs of process gapps. Otherwise, eveything good (except google books...)
  13. Hello I baked a rom in the kitchen tonight, and selected to include google books. But I live in Switzzerland and I can't oinstall it. On the market it doesn't show on the phone, and on the webmarket on my pc, it shows as impossible to install on my phone because of my ocuntry. Is it possble todo something like a manual install? Thanks Nicolas
  14. Hello, do we need a kitchen build to get the battery percentage? Thanks for your work, nico
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