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  1. are you trying to compile this (https://wws.lg.com/global/support/opensource/opensourceList?types=ALL&search=e430)... right?
  2. hi, my repo is in first post :) https://github.com/S...lge-kernel-e400 good luck with your phone! edit: please tell me your github account so i can add you as repo collaborator and you can upload your patches in my repo!
  3. hi, i will do soon :) edit: i noticed that buttery bug is not yet fixed in kernel code...but in cm9 code... so we have to wait gellmar for a true fix ;) sorry :)
  4. Hi all. I was tired of Link2SD app... so i ported (too big word) Cronmod INT2EXTV2+ script to our device. All credits: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1716124 I actually: 1) disabled swap2int 2) edited update-script to properly mount system partition 3) edited main script to support sd-ext in our device (sd-ext device block is a little different than other phones) Install: 1) remove other link2sd apps or app2sd scripts 2) flash on top of CM9 3) reboot and wait a couple of minutes (the phone will hangs on LG logo for a while, don't worry) Download: http://www.mediafire...gn7wgj54yof7d4r (mirror) https://mega.co.nz/#...Q6f-3m1bJ_lAxdg enjoy
  5. i don't know the exact command to make boot.img from zImage and ramdisk, i tried mkbootimg --kernel zImage --ramdisk boot.img-ramdisk.gz --cmdline no_console_suspend=1-console=null --base 12c00000 --output boot-new.img but i got a non-bootable kernel... maybe hecatae know the right command :D
  6. To solve the boot issue of build 2... 1) flash this rom 2) flash another complete cyanogenmod kernel like the irberserk one: http://www.mediafire...qi9kbt8bys2bt12 [YOU MUST DO THIS PART!!!] 3) flash my kernel enjoy :)
  7. Please take a high resolution photo of the screen (no video, no screenshot), thanks :)
  8. umh, i don't know sorry, i always make a backup before flash...
  9. i have contacted the author of the kernel, waiting for a reply from him :)
  10. umh... maybe... or maybe you have the first version and a little blur is caused by the poor screen that l3 has... are you compared cm9 with stock rom? it's more blurry? because new l3 blur issue was very "strong"...look at that post: thanks :)
  11. i can't integrate it in cyanogenmod because i'm not a member of cyanogen team. just remember to flash my kernel every time you flash a new CM :) for your problem, it's very strange, try to flash my kernel again :)
  12. put in your sd: 1) cm9 2) gapps 3) my kernel reboot in recovery wipe cache, data, system flash 1) cm9 2) gapps 3) my kernel reboot :) i will contact the author
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