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  1. nothings covered apart from the power button, camera and volume buttons but the case is slightly raised on those parts so can still be easily pressed. I like it its makes the phone look less bland.
  2. dont think there'll be a case for this phone at all :(
  3. Any body know when 4.0 is due for release? (orange emails down an would prob take half hour to get some kind of answer off them on phone) <_< *** edit - Just phoned Orange and they said it should be within a month.
  4. thats a shame, wonder what its meant to be? or maybe intel just changed there minds like with the sd card
  5. On the front of the phone to the right of the speaker there seems to be what looks like indiactor lights, yet the user guide has no mention of them and they don't seem to work? Anybody know
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