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  1. One of the planned usage of my Folio (AS100 in Singapore) is to review photos & video's instantly on big screen by popping the SD card from the camera into the Folio. However, my Folio says SD card is damaged! To replicate the tet, I put a card with contents that was accepted by the Folio into the Panasonic TZ10 & snapped 2 pictures & 1 video. When I plugged this (previously working) card back into the Folio, it reported SD card damaged! Also, When I copied an .MOD file from a Canon SD card into the Folio's SD card with a notebook, the Folio happily allows me to rename it to .MPG. But with a card from the Canon, it barfs and says cannot rename file! Is this normal? Or have I got a lemon amongst lemons? BTW, Youtube FC on my Folio. SkyFire 3.0 works but videos hangs at buffering screen (between 10~25%). Really bummer here.
  2. I use the O2 but my wife has the Galaxy S. I probably have the weirdest reason for doing this: I prefer the O2 because it is harder for casual users to load apps on it! My kids fight over the Galaxy S & regularly flatten the battery on it, installing and playing games to their mother's dismay! But they avoid my O2 unless they want to watch TV or preloaded movies on it! I have a few games on it but they have no interest in those games, heheheheh... BTW, I was in KL recently and played with a G Tab in DigitalMall, side-by-side with an iPad for 20mins. I gotta admit that the iPad crushed the G Tab at first impression (in terms of screen quality and responsiveness, not to mention battery life). I would only consider the G-tab if it is MUCH cheaper than the iPad. .ps I also have a low end Gome FlyTouch clone to mess around with (running Android 1.6) that I picked up for SGD100.
  3. Currently using ShadowAngel's JF5_21911_2016_Final version on my i8000 Omnia 2. Shortfalls for me: 1. I realized I needed Mobile Office, PDF viewer (with zoom) 2. More than half of the cabs I tried failed for some cert reasons (probably 6.1/6.5/6.5.3 differences) 3. Wisbar Advance 4.0.4 hangs phone after a few hours. 4. While some notification (Emails/Palringo) allows jump to app, others (SMS) do not. My usage: I just realized that I rarely even sees the 'desktop' in my Omnia II smartphone. When I wake my phone, it is usually to: 1. Continue what I was doing which is likely to be (or switch to): 1.1 Reading a book (MS Reader 2.4 - yeah its is long in the tooth but I can get books!) 1.2 Writing a note - in meetings 1.3 Chatting on Office Communicator (work) 1.4 Chatting on Palringo (personal) [is IM+ better?] 1.5 Look up some info on my Contacts 2. To read an incoming SMS, threaded SMS management would be nice. 3. To answer an incoming call 4. To check on some alarm/calendar triggers 5. Let me son/daughter play games or watch movies/tv To do so effectively, I wanted my phone to show the appropriate screen/app in the case of 2~4. For activity 1, if I am not continuing my last activity, I needed a quick access. To do that, I have assigned button 1 to <Start Menu> & Task Manager on long press! I left button 2 as <Today>. Could not really use button 2 long press as it turns off the phone! The remaining left front button brings up the usual phone screen. LOL, after I wrote this down, I realize that is why I liked Wisbar advance on my old Dopod 838pro. The WA home screen has all my running tasks on the top! Unfortunately, WA 4.0.4 hangs my Omnia 2 after a while..... B) However, I must point out that coming from a Dopod 838pro, I am comfortable with a stylus or just finger nails! Not a big fan of big fingers touch apps... So 6.1 ROMS would be acceptable. I also configured my phone to give different short sounds for incoming emails, incoming SMS, Palringo events, calendar alarms, timers and calls. So I can tell at one beep/tone which is it. Unfortunately, I cannot assign different sounds for different emails. I can tell when an email has come in but not whether it is my Outlook (work) or Gmail (personal)! If I am near my desk (often) I prefer to check emails on the notebook...

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