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  1. I have updated my Defy's software using the official Motorola Software Update software. The update process passed through but at the end the phone not booted. The error message is the following: Bootloader 09.10 Err:A5,69,35,00,27 Battery OK OK to Program Connect USB Data Cable I have browsed the forum for some help but found nothing. I have even tried to reset with: Vol Down + Power + right down tap. But the small droid doesn't come up. After that I brought the phone to the official Motorola service. They dropped the two-year long warranty! They say I have illegal software installed on the phone. How can it be? They promised a free repair if someone from Motorola support reply in support forum and clarify that this error message doesn't mean illegal software!!! Here is my motorola support post: Motorola support forum Any help is welcomed!
  2. I think the best feature of pulse is: It gives us nice insight of android performance optimization. :-)
  3. I recommend to set to 32MB not more. I haven't touched the default JIT configuration. I'm not sure if it would give any advantages. If anybody has experience with it please share!
  4. Thanks guys for the answers. I didn't know that it also kills the internal rom - I guess that it is also an sd type. Pulse has a serious memory problem. Spending some more cents by Huawei for bigger memory would have made a killer phone (function/price). I'm waiting for the MILESTONE2 to come, till that time I need a phone. :-)
  5. Be careful! I gave 64mb swap on my class 4 card. Very slow.. If you move dalvik cache to sd, you will have a lot of space (~70 megs) free on data partition. Using space for swap from data would be a dream! :-)
  6. Class 0 - These cards do not specify performance, which includes all legacy cards prior to class specifications. Class 2 - Minimum of 2 MB/s performance. Lowest speed for SDHC cards. Class 4 - Minimum of 4 MB/s performance. Class 6 - Minimum of 6 MB/s performance. Class 10 - Minimum of 10 MB/s performance. further information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_Digita...ed_Class_Rating
  7. pvo

    sms full?

    I had experienced the same problem. You have to care about free data space. The problem hit me when I rached around 8MB.
  8. you are lucky, it does't start for me.
  9. I think UK and HU version have different partition sizes. The UK version leaves 10MB more space for data. If you don't prefer to use a2sd, you would better to use the UK version. The question is: how? How can you go back from the HU version? I have the same issues since my sd card always broke its partition table and from than you cannot boot.. :-( When will be the next release with FLB? I will need to reinstall my phone but I can wait some days. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I am using flbmod v1.31 for a while. A2SD also installed with dalvik cache is also on the SD card. I have been using it for about a month. Today I made a system shutdown (switched my phone off), later on I turned it on. The system started as normal but at the end I got a strange icon on the top. The text was next to it something like: "Corrupted SD card. Would you like to format it?" I went to the file manager immediately and got: "no card" Strange! Let's start the phone again. But there was no start again. Now boot stops at where you can read: android. No button activity I can "switch" it off with the removal of the battery. I put the card to a card reader but my PC (WinXP - unfortunately there is no possibility to use Ubuntu or other Linux) also would like to format the card. So this is the situation. There are plenty of important photos on the card. I would really like to get them back. Any ideas? Thanks further! P
  11. Bad news!!! Just found that Froyo for U8220&U8230 is not in schedule now at Huawei. :-( http://www.huaweidevice.com/community/thre...&orderStr=9 Cheers
  12. But they stopped selling Pulse temporary (you can only pre order now). Something may have happening..
  13. Sadly, the response from the Hungarian users are that T-mobile made a mistake and uploaded an other update for an other device. (someone says for u8110) The official reply will arrive tomorrow (next busines day), so stay tuned on twitter.
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