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  1. Hi Paul, Was a Modaco Ad Free supporter back when I had a HTC Desire and I've just signed up again after reading great things about your 4.0.4 ROM. Must say, my first Galaxy Nexus bake has produced a very good user experience but, I can't seem to get Sky Go to work. I've previously managed to get Sky Go to work, using the edited .apk posted by Gumbald on XDA when I was running stock 4.0.2 (ROM and Kernel) and hiding root access with SuperSU. Using Ir12 and franco.kernel M2 and hiding root with SuperSU, I can use the edited Sky Go app and get no warning messages or errors, yet the app just says "Loading" when clicking on a channel. I'm pretty sure I checked "Use 4.0.2 finger print" too as I believe that's needed? Can you or anyone else shed any light? Many thanks Mark
  2. Were you running a custom ROM and then applied the OTA on top? Sounds to me like your WiFi module isn't compatible with the new Kernel the OTA may have installed.
  3. People are just being greedy, Paul has already mentioned he's working on porting parts of DesireHD ROM over. What's the point in getting it early if it's not going to work completely? Also for those moaning about £10.00, you're really moaning about £10.00? Please think about this logically, that's ~3 less pints of alcohol less a year to fund £10.00 yearly subscription, or taking sandwiches into work for a week instead of buying lunch in town every day. Get some perspective for crying out loud :) and remember, Paul was the guy who made this possible in the first place by rooting a heavily protected phone. The guy deserved my £10 just for that.
  4. I believe that's a progress %, for example: The boot.img is unzipped from the PB99.IMG, then the write to partition happens. Looks like the radio isn't fully being written to its partition.
  5. You're pretty much bricked, the reason fastboot isn't working for most zips is that fastboot can only flash signed HTC files (unless you have the S-OFF HBOOT, but I doubt you have from the time stamp of your original post). The fact the official update zips are not working, I can't see what else you can do :)
  6. http://android-dls.com/wiki/index.php?titl...ack_Boot_Images Some info I read earlier. Have you looked into AnyKernel by Koush? :)
  7. You need to be rooted before you install a custom ROM from here, so that question is obsolete. All custom ROMs do not flash HBOOT, as changing HBOOT removed root, which is why kayceejayh said flashing official RUU's removed root. (You can run UnrEVOked after running a RUU to re-root though). If moving from one ROM to a completely new ROM, then yes. Usually you don't have to wipe when flashing an upgraded version of the same ROM (as long as the dev has written their update script correctly) Kind of, only you mean install from SDCard right? There's also some "best practices" you should follow. For example, when you flash a radio, flash it on it's own and reboot the phone to complete the radio installation before trying to flash anything else. Also don't get confused like a lot of people and start renaming all the flashable zips as update.zip, you don't need to do this.
  8. It's where there's a system link between two places/files. Before the S-OFF hacked bootloader was released last week, you had to boot into recovery to install a new bootanimation as the file usually resides in /system/customize/resource and /system was write protected whilst the phone was booted. To get around this issue, some ROM devs symlink the bootanimation to the /data/local partition which is mounted as writeable when the phone is booted, allowing people to change the file there without going into recovery. If you try to install the bootanimation to /system/customize/resource - it won't like it.
  9. Well I've never used the application, so not sure how the files it needs should be made. Depends also if you're symlinked.
  10. I've created a signed zip for you, but looking at the image files of the boot animation they're not 480*800 - this boot animation has been made for another phone by the looks... update_signed.zip
  11. It's because the zip you posted is putting the bootanimation.zip into the wrong place. Does the ROM you're running symlink the bootanimation to /data?
  12. VoiceSearch.apk GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk (VoiceSearch and the Google Search widget utilise each other, so need to update Google Search via market as well as voice search. Maps.apk Street.apk Not sure if simply removing files via adb then installing from market will work for the ones you want, so I recommend pulling them to keep a backup or doing a Nandroid backup first.
  13. Huh? Kali's Kernel is Googles Kernel but edited to run on the Desire and take AOSP builds, such as DeFrost and OpenDesire. Modaco is based on HTC releases and uses a HTC edited kernel which has no issues with the OJ dying.
  14. Reboot phone into recovery and connect to usb cable from PC. adb shell mount /system adb shell pull /system/app/Gmail.apk C:\Gmail.apk reboot I used pull to keep the old .apk on the C drive as a backup. Once phone is booted, install from Market. You might need to remove the Gmail.odex file if there is one also, I run an odexed ROM but there wasn't one there for me. So there most likely won't be.
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