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  1. The instructions are pretty easy to follow, if you have any trouble just let me know. There are a ton of languages included, I need to reinstall though so I can't check exactly which ones at the moment. It's kind of odd how this thread went so quiet suddenly, I am beginning to wonder if perhaps the conversation hasn't been moved elsewhere? :?p
  2. Here it is :) I am on v8, but afaik the process will be the same either way. http://sdrv.ms/Wqi6YL
  3. I'm not sure how that works for you guys, I can't set apl past 450 without errors upon booting to android. Edit: I have cr*pola for luck, I can't even slightly increase the clock without android freezing. Even setting APLL to 435 causes issues. I don't know if there is much point in going lower. :/ My build.prop does not have the line 'dalvik.vm.execution-mode=int:jit' should I add it? Also, setting ro.product.model= makes my phone 'Unknown' surely this can't be better than before, or is it? Please reply, I am starting to feel lonely on this thread lol!
  4. Ok guys, so far so good for the most part. Thanks for all the help! Now, the only problem I am having is getting internal storage mounted as sdcard. I am running 16gb i8000 with no SD card, I got vold.fstab reading "dev_mount sdcard /mnt/sdcard auto /devices/platform/s3c-sdhci.1/mmc_host/mmc1" as suggested on the Cyanogen page http://www.modaco.co...00#entry1853781 but when going to file explorer in frenkiedroid I get a 'No SD card Mounted' message. Any ideas? Thanks! :) (Awesome ROM btw Frenkie!!!! Fastest one by far! :)) Edit: noticed also that some graphics on games are missing. (similar to feegus) I can't see nom nom in cut the rope! Tried deleting cache but no go. V8 2nd Edit: Hey! I got it working! I forgot to change the line in vold.fstab from 'auto' to 1 :) Still haven't checked if the games are working properly now after a reinstall, I will report back when I know.
  5. Thanks spiderman1961 for the help. @feegus Can you tell me exactly what steps you took to get the rom installed on your 16gb? I too have the 16gb model, and installing according to instructions my phone hangs on 'Android on omnia II loading' Thankyou. :)
  6. If anybody is interested, I translated Frenkies guide to English. Let me know if you want it and I will upload it for you. Thanks again Frenkie! :)
  7. Wow, a lot of demands and little thanks. I came here after months thinking I wonder if by some chance anybody has done anymore with android on the 02? Then I found this. Frenkie, you sir, are a genius. I thank you kindly for keeping this all going. :) Edit: Is there no way to make this rom english? I don't know Italian, and there are many English users on the forum. Thankyou. :)
  8. I Live in Alberta and can not afford to buy another smartphone but need one for my Wife. I would be more than happy to pay shipping to have another o2. :)
  9. Can somebody please tell me what format cyanogenmod saves pictures as? I took some pictures the other day and they accidentally got deleted and I need to try to recover them.
  10. Camera button froze my phone on first installation. After a re-install camera button worked lol. After a third re-install camera button didn't work but didn't freeze my phone either. Does this make me special? :D
  11. Yeah, I thought it was odd myself but I am soo happy nonetheless! :D Ok, I have one more question; Gen.y Dualboot gives me either a missing android message, or with the registry change I get 'An error occurred on sub__main_androidexistcheck'. I have looked all over this forum and xda and can not seem to find the fix for my problem. Can someone help with this thing as well?
  12. Dude! It worked!!! Thank-you so much! :) I can not thank you enough for taking the time to help me out, everything on my phone works great now! Good battery time too!!! YAYAYAYAYA!!!!!! :D May the Great Spirit Bless and watch over you all! :)
  13. I tried your suggestions but I still can not get the camera to detect my sdcard partition as the sdcard. Also, I noticed that in cyanogenmod beta2 the init.rc file has a lot of 'mount vfat /yadayada' lines commented out, and line 121 'mount vfat /dev/block/mmcblk1p5 /storage # moved to loadmod. I Thank you for all of your help :)
  14. That did it! Thanks buddy! I was working on that all day and now it finally works! Yay! Now can you help me get my Internal storage to map as my SDcard for the camera? (I get 'Please insert an SD card before using the camera' message.) :/
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