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  1. Hi how did you make your top bar and buttom bar glassy/glossy look? mine is flat black.
  2. Maybe he wants to add his hometown or city like Grand Junction, Colorado..
  3. Thanks whiskeybro, what i mean top bar is the one in the topmost part where you can see the task bar and the lowermost part, mine is only flat black, i like the glossy one. thanks again for the no curtain i need it too.
  4. Any one has a cab for making our top bar and button bar glossy black? tnx in advance.
  5. Yeah NPS detected the update of my phone, but im reluctant to upgrade cause i like my present 6.1 rom, i bought my phone in the Philippines.
  6. Is it worth upgrading to the new software update? my present version is PDA I8000XXIH5 CSC I8000FAMIH4 and Phone I8000DXIH2. Cause atm im satisfied with my 6.1 Rom.
  7. mukhang delayed na ata ako sa mga development dito ah, naging newbie na naman ako sa sap...
  8. Yupe its a nice homescreen been using it since last year.
  9. Wahhhh di ka sumama PZEE?
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