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  1. http://twitter.com/#!/yurasvetlanov/status/129933076431245312
  2. Am I need to post here my follow-ups and retweet?
  3. Sound Recorder is not available. SoundRecorder.apk exist in /system/app but there are no menu icon.
  4. I tried yesterday and today builds. SD card always mounting when attaching N1 by USB to computer. Can't find settings to disable this feature.
  5. Another strange thing: >adb shell # su su # mount mount mount: no /etc/mtab # df -h df -h Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on df: /etc/mtab: No such file or directory # ls /etc/fstab ls /etc/fstab ls: /etc/fstab: No such file or directory
  6. Those apps crashes that require root permissions. Like AdFree or Dev. Tools. Tried to remount root and /system to RW but apps also crashes. Fixing permissions by Rom Manager and reinstalling su does not fix the problem.
  7. New ROM was flashed successfully but some apps like Dev. Tools crashes. I'll try full wipe some times later.
  8. I has previous A2SD installation, so /data/app is the symlink to /system/sd/app. Maybe it is the reason of this error.
  9. Oh, thanks B) Can't install radio image and delete "data/app/Development.apk": ----------- cut ----------- -- Installing: SDCARD:/ROMs/MCR/231110-1322-r24-update-nexusone-modacocustomcustomrom-unsigned-MD5-281d4d787d76a78d373fda9fc7c1112c.zip I:Set boot command "boot-recovery" Finding update package... I:Update location: SDCARD:/ROMs/MCR/231110-1322-r24-update-nexusone-modacocustomcustomrom-unsigned-MD5-281d4d787d76a78d373fda9fc7c1112c.zip Opening update package... I:Update file path: /sdcard/ROMs/MCR/231110-1322-r24-update-nexusone-modacocustomcustomrom-unsigned-MD5-281d4d787d76a78d373fda9fc7c1112c.zip Installing update... I:Trying update-binary. created by @paulobrien - http://www.MoDaCo.com minzip: Can't create containing directory for "/data/app/Development.apk": File exists set_perm: chown of /data/app to 1000 1000 failed: No such file or directory set_perm: chmod of /data/app to 771 failed: No such file or directory Writing Data Writing System ----------- cut ----------- minzip: Extracted file "/system/xbin/busybox" minzip: Extracted file "/system/xbin/su" Writing BootE:emmc_open(): cannot find eMMC partition [boot]! wrote boot partition from /tmp/boot.img Writing Radio will write radio firmware from /tmp/radio.img Finishing Up script result was [/system] E:Error stat'ing /tmp/radio.img: No such file or directory Installation aborted. Failure at line 3: install_zip SDCARD:/ROMs/MCR/231110-1322-r24-update-nexusone-modacocustomcustomrom-unsigned-MD5-281d4d787d76a78d373fda9fc7c1112c.zip
  10. There are r24 MCR already - Desire Port for Nexus One. May be r25 is the number of this release?
  11. Are you planning to include this update to your r23 ROM?
  12. This bug is still here. update-script does not contains any "DATA:" strings.
  13. Sorry for my English - Wi-Fi lost connect when sceen is locked. Wi-Fi indicator says no connection when I unlock screen and after that Wi-Fi restore connection.
  14. Wi-Fi lost connect during some minutes after phone blocking. And Wi-Fi restore connect after unblocking screen.
  15. Is this kitchen broken at the moment? 1. I tried to add custom zip with my apps that was in /data/app and /system/app but successfully installed /system/app/Quickboot.apk ("Quick Boot") only. Moreover default wallpaper not applied in case of custom zip. 2. clean MCR (without custom zip) contains all selected apps but some of them was not installing: ASE + Scripts, Development Tools, Spare Parts, Titanium Backup. update-script does not contains "copy_dir PACKAGE:data DATA:" string.
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