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    Huawei U8230 @ Swiss 2.1
  1. Hi there! I've been trying to "optimize" some apks using optipng but, unfortunately, the phone stops recognizing the application after I touch it. I've tried with APK's from /data/app and /system/app, tried signing and not signing, tried just unpacking and repacking and I just can't get the phone to recognize the application after I do anything to it. Any hints? Thanks!
  2. Sorry if my last post was so short, it was very late and I was on my phone... Ok, now using the official format :-) I'm on FLB 1.2. 1) Phone type: Huawei U8230 2) Which Official 2.1 ROM did you flash (T-Mobile, Tre, other) Tried with Tmo, Tre, and TMN. 2a) If flashed T-Mobile did you flash custom_hu No 3) Did you do a full wipe before installing? (yes/no) Yes 4) Did you use any restore apps like Titanium Backup? (yes/no) Yes, Titanium Backup 5) Are you using A2SD? (yes/no) No 6) Problem with the rom in detail: I have 2 main issues, described below. 1. ADW reloads ADW reloads very often when going back to the home screen. This is odd since I've never seen the available memory below 50/60MB (my phone has a bit more RAM than most of U8230, luckily). I've already played with ADW's caching and persistence options but no go, it still reloads itself frequently. Maybe this is related with the memory "collection" aggressiveness? 2. "Remember choice" on Superuser permissions not working Every time I reboot my phone, I need to explicitly give root permissions all over again (to Titanium Backup, Set CPU, Pulse Lights, etc). Although apps are allowed inside Superuser, if I kill one of them and start it again, it will ask for permissions again (not caring if I told it to remember my choice). Any ideas to solve these issues? Thanks! PS. Loving FLB 2.1 :-D
  3. Using FLB 2.1, I find that ADW reloads very frequently, although there's a lot of free RAM (50/60MB minimum). Is this normal? Has it something to do with the Android's memory "collection" agressiveness?
  4. AmonRA doesn't seem to work on the Portguese Huawei 8230 (TMN A1) :|
  5. I also have issues with the camera on 2.1, but my problem is than my phone usually reboots after starting the camera app (lasts for a couple of seconds). I have a Huawei U8230 (TMN A1) running Swiss 2.1. Have you managed to install the Hungarian ROM in U8230?!
  6. Hi there! I bought my Huawei U8230 (TMN A1) and in it's box it says it supports SD Cards up to 16GB. Most Android phones support SD Cards up to 32GB, which made me wonder if this device's limitation was software-related (1.5) or hardware-related. I have my phone with 2.1 and I want to buy a 32GB SD Card. Can someone clarify me if it'll work? Thanks!
  7. Finally fixed it, thanks to cantido! Install usb_switchmode, and run: sudo usb_modeswitch -W -v 12d1 -p 1031 -V 12d1 -P 1035 -M "5553424370ab71890600000080010a11060000000000000000000000000000" -s 20 And you're all set :-) If you want to automate the process, you need to add the following line to your /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules: ATTRS{idVendor}=="12d1", ATTRS{idProduct}=="1031", RUN+="usb_modeswitch '%b/%k'" You also need to create a file named "12d1:1031" inside /etc/usb_modeswitch.d/, containing: ######################################################## # Huawei U8230 DefaultVendor= 0x12d1 DefaultProduct=0x1031 TargetVendor= 0x12d1 TargetProductList="1035" CheckSuccess=20 MessageContent="5553424370ab71890600000080010a11060000000000000000000000000000" And that's it. The process is now automated. When you plug your device into your Linux box you should be able to adb into it (although it still doesn't recognize it's name, but that's being discussed elsewhere). I hope this helps someone :(
  8. I've been tweaking and tweaking and had no results so far... I think it is related to the fact that when I connect my U8230 to the PC, it mounts "Mobile Partner" (an utility with a few things I don't use). Before upgrading to the 2.1 Swiss ROM, it didn't mount anything (unless, of course, I told it to mount the SD card). Any ideas on how I can disable this "Mobile Partner" thing? I really think it is related. Thanks.
  9. No problem, Titanium Backup helped me a lot on this one :( Still, I can't see my device on ADB under Linux (Swiss ROM, rooted). Any hints on what I need to do to be able to see it?
  10. Hectic, I'll try that later on. Will it erase the extra files in my current ROM that are not needed (aka, free some space)? Also, you have a few packages that can be erased: French.apk, German.apk and Italian.apk under /system/app. Since this is a Portuguese-focused ROM, English and Portuguese are enough :( You could also include the PT keyboard file :(
  11. Failed to install your ROM, Hectic... Unfortunately my Amon Ra isn't working (with the same issues everyone else is having) and it prevented me from installing it. Is there any other way of using the update.zip method without using Amon Ra?
  12. Unfortunately I'm not able to install the T-Mobile update (the small one) on top of the Swiss ROM... my device stops booting and goes straight to Amon RA every single time. I had to flash the Swiss ROM again to get it bootable and now I'm going to try Hectic's ROM to see if Linux is finally able to recognize my device. I'll update after that. EDIT: I'm back at quare 1. Can't install the Hungarian ROM (since it screws the boot process) and had to reinstall the Swiss ROM after this, so I'm still not being able to recognize my device under Linux :|
  13. Just flashed the small update on top of the Swiss ROM, but now it goes to the Amon RA screen on every reboot. Any hints? :|
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