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  1. Well no apps support it and the developers did it as a proof-of-concept so a better question is: Do we actually want this right now? I think it's a clear no.
  2. You need to redo all the steps that involve writing to /system. Or just flash the zip again.
  3. That's the other AOKP thread. He is replying to a 2 week old post of mine.
  4. It's pretty hard to jump from modding to building too. You don't actually gain insight to how the rom works, so most of what you learn that way is useless in the real stuff. Besides, learning programming has benefits other than being able to build roms. Sometimes the harder route is actually more satisfying. For example you could build an app using app inventor or learn Java. Java is harder (though IMHO it's easier than working with the limitations of AI) but you get far better results.
  5. If you want anything even remotely original than learn Java and C, C++ (pay special attention to pointers. ) That's how the real deal (CM, AOKP, MIUI) is done not with apktool. Don't forget that all your learning should be done on a UNIX like system. After the above is done ask for further instructions.
  6. The github website is essentially just a read-only front end to git. Using github requires knowledge of GIT. Without knowing what's a commit, a branch, fork or repo is you won't be able to make sense of it. Just like how you can't drive a car without knowing what the gas pedal does and what are those instruments on the dashboard are. I can't see why you wrote those examples. When you got yours did they let you drive a car straight away or did you have to pass a test about theory?
  7. Yes there is. He should learn to program than read a book about git and than go to github. Otherwise he can't do anything with what's on there. It's like learning the kanji but without knowing what they mean. Useless.
  8. And the worst thing is (sorry the second worse, nothing is worse than the grammar of the thing) is that it's addressed to openmax. The software. It's a petition addressed to a software product.
  9. Of course it can. Just above the GPS setting. It's called "use wireless networks".
  10. Because we need OMX and the compatible hardware decoder libraries (the codecs if you will) compiled for our platform against ICS. This is not happening.
  11. Most people don't know about costum roms. You'd need to ask Paul about viewers but I'd say no more than 100K use them. And not all roms alter the device name. I certainly haven't used one that does.
  12. That's when it was forked. What are you doing on github if you don't know what means what?
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