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  1. thanks for this guide. having 2 question. Connection works fine now. But disconnect via UMTS seems not to work proper. When try to disconnect, GUI does so and VPN IP is removed. But there is still traffic about 2 or 3 minutes via UMTS. Also my router runs into dead peer detection (set to 90s). Using same VPN setting, but my phone is logged into WLAN and establishing the connection via internet back to my router disconnet works fine. Checked the path - remote gateway in this case is my public IP. using a LANCOM router and VPNC-debug Any Ideas how to ismod tun.ko automatically? atm i have to load after every reboot
  2. thanks sooooo much to you guys.
  3. yes, can see files via wifi and explorer. but cant copy with explorer need a command line
  4. anyone see a way to copy files when SD card functionality does NOT work can I mount smb drives?
  5. still can not access my sdcard to copy file with estrong explorer i see them at smb:// how to copy? cat smb:// > /data/flash_image >>> no such file
  6. seems to be my situation. tried root procedure again after brick and uploaded testimage.zip again. device is wiped know and cant access sd card
  7. wow thanks probably would read teh fix post :( give it a try now
  8. telling me I got a new paperweight with Wifi function?
  9. cant reproduce this :( found this link wit an update http://www.o2online.de/nw/support/download...e/htc/htcdesire the exe file contains a rom.zip tried to flash this via step1-windows.bat file name in bat change to rom.zip gives me: FAILED <remote: 43 signature verify fail> compared rom.zip with testimage.zip and exchanged hboot_8x50_0.80.0000_20100329.nb0 rezipped with winrar :( now getting gives me: FAILED <remote: 12 signature verify fail> anything I can to to make device look like it has factory setting?
  10. update RUU for O2 Germany and boot into fastboot and flash the stock O2 rom any sources? what i just managed ist to restart In the terminal window, enter either 'step1-windows.bat', './step1-mac.sh' or './step1-linux.sh' as appropriate. of root prozess would this be the produre to flash a stock rom? after this starting recovery comes up with a green picture
  11. Hi there I am pretty new to this and afraid I got what you call a USB brick. so here is what I did. got a new desire with HBOOT 0.80 O2 germany branded Cause of the need to have VPN/IPSEC funtionallty I decided root, following your guide. after this installed custom rom r3.1-bravo-desire-modacocustomrom-withadditions-a2sd+-signed.zip did this twice once with ext2 then with ext3 partition. because I read about QuickOffice problems in here. both did not work with quick office so decided to flash with r3.1-bravo-desire-modacocustomrom-withadditions-signed.zip to give it a try. still in recovery i partitionen new with out ext partition. The phone boot up but had some SD Card errors (missng something but access to it). So i partioned new with 512mb ext. Startet new and everithing was fine. But still no quick office. and I decided to flash r3.1-bravo-desire-modacocustomrom-withadditions-a2sd+-signed.zip again. So this was last stable version r3.1-bravo-desire-modacocustomrom-withadditions-signed.zip partioned with 512mb ext2 rest Fat32 on 4gb card went to recovery to upgrade ext2 > ext3 there was a message on screen very short, but looked like something went wrong (couldn't read fast enough) But then it upgraded correctly (seemed to) then I booted to move new image to card But now the phone come up with message that it cant find SD card and there is no connection to my phone provider. Wifi is still fine. Back to bootloader I cant connect the device anymore, getting the screen with red triangle but adb shows "error: device not found" and window ask me for Qualcomm drivers (for the first time) hoping for, I just messed up my SD card, I formatted (FAT32 under Windwows Vista) the card i used as gold card (2gb), but its the same behavior. clear storage in fastboot, clears data but still no better work are there any advices? Did i brick it? and if so, what are my option? some one got any experiences with guarantee services of O2 germany in that case? hopefully looking for your advice Nrond
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