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  1. I have tried kallt_kaffe's CM7 on my Light and as he said, everything seems to work but the screen calibration is way off. Camera and so on works.
  2. Titanium Backup shows no apps with this. Do you know why?
  3. Well.. i used the gen2-files. I cant get into recovery in any other way but using "Recovery Manager". Holding vol down and booting just shows the white ZTE-screen, no boot. Holding vol up just boots the phone.
  4. I'm on 2.2 now. :mellow: Edit: Installed gen2 recovery. Seems to be working. Nandroid backup now. :o
  5. I need to ask here too. How do i know if i have gen1 or gen2?
  6. How do i know if i have gen1 or gen2? No branding. ZTE Light. This unit is beeing sold in sweden for 165 USD or 99 GBP unbranded and unlocked so its becoming quite popular over here.
  7. Yep. LV-app update via Market too! :lol: Updated SDK in december. V1.01. This sounds good: Improved plug-in handling allowing up to 30 plug-ins to be handled in the LiveView™ top menu. This means that third party plug-ins will now be found in the top menu and much more easily accessible for the consumer. No need to go in to the Plugins folder.. Just need to be implemented by the devs. :)
  8. You can now select LiveView in Update Service. :lol: Update Found for LiveView. Installed without problems.
  9. The new FW does not do any good for me ;) Guess we need to wait for the official release.
  10. It's ok to reinstall. Update Service will download 0.2MB and flash your unit. ;) LV will reboot when finished.
  11. Update out now! Firmware and Market update! How to update: http://www.sonyericsson.com/liveviewupdate More info: http://blogs.sonyericsson.com/developerwor...-micro-display/ Don't forget to update the app in the phone using Market. :)
  12. Cyanogen did not solve the probems with Desire and LiveView for me.
  13. I'm sure it will. We have the DFU-mode and when we install the SE Update Service drivers will install for the unit too. The question is if SE will use it...
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