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  1. I installed VC 3.2 build 5 over moddedstock that was posted here a month ago, don´t know if another version is out
  2. I always wipe everything just in case, did you?
  3. http://tabletroms.com/forums/vega-rom-development/1923-%5Brom%5D-%5B3-2%5D-vegacomb-3-2-build-5-a.html http://www.multiupload.com/PB55QNH6BV go go go thanks newbe5 and team for make this possible!!!!!!!!
  4. thanks for this and glad to hear from you again :)
  5. put the model or a link to see it :)
  6. I had a similar issue on a wrt320N, in my case problem was automatic antennas set up, I fixed it setting one for transmission and the other for receive, never got disconnected again, was a real pain until I found that.
  7. updated to 1.5.1 from 1.4 wiped dalvik and still got FC on launcher after it boots same issue as previous user on volume set up
  8. it would very nice to upgrade our mems to 1gb if it would be so simple to replace as in a PC :P
  9. I had a similar problem with a linksys [email protected] firmware, problem was that antennas were set up to auto transmission, I set it up to manually so one antenna is dedicated to receive and the other to send, after that issues disappeared.
  10. if no 3G module is installed no menu with settings will be displayed?
  11. Installed gambarou rom yesterday, works nice but I dont see any menu to set up GPS or 3G, I have a POV mobii and as you suggested should have gps and 3g, where are the setting menu? regards.
  12. installed your rom, works nice but I dont see any menu to set up GPS or 3G, I have a POV mobii which is supposed to have 'em (tablet has sim slot in rear with connectors and placeholder)
  13. it works really good and is a WIP to preview how HC goes on out tablet, it has a couple of issues like camera not working and some apps; is a beta but very promising. if you need your tablet for daily usage is not recommended, but if you are curious and like to play, that is for :unsure:
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