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  1. we need a kernel with ipstable support bcs all version of rom dont support that .ipstable is very important in rom support
  2. i think boot fast and better of cmb2 and u can install app for ur google account bcs many app for android
  3. yea 2 folder in ther for my storage and sd card but if anybody cant load that use that ways
  4. 1: use MiniTool Partition Wizard software for three primary partitions(select storage card or my storage usb in phon), second partition size 2GB , the third partition 1GB, , the first partition larger fat 32 (primary) and the second partition format ext3 format and third partition for the LINUX swap format 2.change the name .gho file to cm6b2.gho then use norton ghost software and select ext3 linux partition in there then continue and wait for copying 3.after finish go to 168 folder in rom folder and copy them(3 file) normaly in ur storage then go to ur storage with phone and start 168m.exe and wait for loading Attention:if android cant loading first go folder option and unchecked hide extensions for known file types and then change the168 folder content name . 168m.exe to HARET.exe and zImage168 to zImage and KaFei168M to STARTUP.TXT then copy them to storage and start haret,exe
  5. tnx pacosh .and hankmoody change the name .gho file to CM6B2.GHO and then use norton ghost
  6. new version I8000CM6B2 update 2012/08/21 torrent link http://www.modaco.co...attach_id=83199 please put direct link in here or on mediafire this android boot fast and havnt last problem.
  7. synescu rom work well ؟؟my friends Said this rom working well and havnt problem and boot very fast
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