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  1. Aw, that's a pity. The pull-down controls are my favourite mod. Hopefully somebody else will have the skillz to make a flashable zip for us...
  2. That echo issue was in the Oxygen 2.0 Gingerbread release too. I'm pretty sure they found a fix for it in the thread on XDA. Something about reverting to the old sound drivers? Can't remember.
  3. Hmm... I want to flash this but I also want the pull-down widgets in the notification bar from Oxygen 2.0 Any way to mix the two?
  4. I think people should bear in mind that for 10 quid (?) we've gotten 8 months of great support for this phone - which is far more than we got from HTC. It has to slow down sooner or later. I look forward to any future updates but I think it's fair to say we've already gotten good value for our money.
  5. tuatha

    Android 2.3

    Yeah it looks very similar. I was hoping it would have equivalents to the HTC widgets like Friendstream, but it looks like they haven't bothered doing any of that stuff. Still no tabbed browsing either. I hate the browser interface in android. It's not at all convenient to switch between windows. Yet to find a third party browser with tabs that I actually like.
  6. That's weird. I downloaded this from the market this afternoon.
  7. Suppose I'll have to. Was hoping to do this without spending my evening flashing more roms but I guess it's never that easy! Thanks anyway.
  8. Nope, not using a custom lock screen. It's completely stock, other than the fact that it's pre-rooted. Yeah, wifi set to sleep after 15 minutes works as expected. I had regular problems with lag with the R9 releases which could only be fixed with a reboot so they're not an option. That's why I went for a stock rom. I guess I could roll back to an older stock, but I was hoping I might be able to just flash a custom wifi module, like the myshkinbob release that Paul has been using, over this rom.
  9. Thanks Eddy but that's not quite what I'm looking for. I always had wifi set to never sleep in the past and I never had this issue with the phone staying awake. I'm wondering if there's some way I could just revert to the old wifi. Would myshkinbob's wifi modules work on this latest rom, I wonder? He specifically says to only flash the version which matches the software on your phone...
  10. Posted this issue in the sticky thread above but I'm not sure if anybody actually reads that. Flashed to this rom a while ago and I've noticed that the wi-fi is not allowing the phone to sleep. Which is a pain since I generally have wi-fi on most of the time and my battery is being drained pretty quickly now. Battery history menu has the 'running' value at over 90% when wifi is on. Nothing unusual in the partial wake menu. Obviously, I've wiped and re-flashed but the same issue persists. Also tried an older radio, but no joy. 3G is working normally. Is there any way of fixing this without flashing to a different rom?
  11. Strange battery drain going on with this rom. For those of you who are using it, could you go into the testing menu (phone -> *#*#4636#*#* ) and check the value under 'running' in the battery history menu? Mine has been consistently over 90%. There's nothing odd under partial wake usage so I can't figure it out. I've switched off background sync and the value has been steadily dropping over the last hour or so, but I have no idea what app is causing it. Don't have many apps installed other than the stock ones (I've only got Twitter (HTC), Google, News, and the weather app set up to sync automatically). update: seems like it's the wifi keeping the phone awake. Anybody else experiencing this? Any way to fix it?
  12. Given the similarity of the hardware, would it be possible to port WP7 to Desire/N1? Ahem... possibly not quite the sort of question you were looking for but somebody had to ask it. :)
  13. I think this should only be permitted if everybody agrees to remove that annoying tapatalk automatic signature. It's even more annoying than 'sent from my iphone'
  14. N1 boot animation is working fine here. Using the latest build with the updated gmail app. Full wipe before install.
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