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  1. XDA is down atm, but will be back later. pls check us out :lol: we need ur help with screen calibration and that will pretty much finish trying to get it done, next step would be modding it :) PS: u can always PM me with patches/ideas i will post em there :) thx aain EDIT: i missed ur PM on 20th jan. sry ;) and thx
  2. thx, i know u are busy with this now :lol: take ur time. there is new thread too, u will find it its usualy active, page 1 or 2 :))
  3. hey KK sorry to intrude ur topics with trash ;) on xda we kinda have CMI b2 with wifi up, only thing missing to make it fully usable for everyday is teh TS calibration and d-pad disable patchs that u have done before :) pls share them so we are able to continue ur work. thx alot :D
  4. i do have 2 updata files here. t-mobile slovenia and telenor sweden. ;) just in case like this huawei remove all roms .. gonna start uploading now, will post when it finishes. id guess somewhere after 6-7 hours :)
  5. they seems to be removed sigh .. and it is the swedish original from huawei coz noone can replicate the dload folder contents. ;)
  6. go to xda forums, seek the TCT rom. its quite nice, JIT, swap, overclock, a2sd, root , busybox ... all standard crap inside. im using it (my own mod from it) and i can say its awesome.
  7. now thats cool stuff. works like a charm on minis
  8. ok so here is the thing. is it posible to view where is my phone (or some other user-aprooved) on google maps (or other map tool) on PC using gps. i want to be able to see where someone is at the moment (real time) and track him down where his movements where :P PS: i dont want to spy on ppl, its 110% buisness thing :D
  9. as a mini user, i would go after big pulse atm. small screen = no fun. at all.
  10. :) symbian on android device ... whats next iOS? geeeeez u guys
  11. its 2.1 im 99% sure just by reading its name :)
  12. if u mean this: when i flashed stock u8150 rom on u8110 i had no network, yes i assume its same problem. i got no wifi too (it was up to /cust folder) and gps worked (i mean it was turning on, but didnt test if it actualy can get a fix on my location)
  13. wow, checked huawei site last night, this wasnt there... what a nice piece of software. combined kernel for u8100/10/20 and kernel for u8150. im downloading this U8150 V100R001C203B823SP02(Belarus Velcom) at least europe region rom. :)
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