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  1. hello,can u re-upload in rapidshare,mediafire or other links because i cant download in megaupload (its block),please... thanks and hoping...
  2. Can anyone give exact procedure? because i try all the instruction that i've read here in forum. but no luck. i have the request_suspend_state: wakeup issue now i already use the new 2D/3D drivers... please help me, i follow everything here. thanks and waiting..
  3. Hi to all, First of all, i dont know how to Update and i was confuse how to Update my Omnia. Sorry but i read everything here,but still i can't get it... Can anyone give me the exact instruction how to Upgrade? and also i read theres alot of Customized WM6.5, it 100% working or accurate the customized WM6.5? this is came from Official? Can anyone help me how to Upgrade my Omnia 2 from 6.1 to 6.5? My Omnia 2 Specs: PDA:I8000JPIJ3 CSC:I8000XSGIJ4 PHONE:I8000XXIJ2 I know this is came from Arab, i want only to know,if it is possible to use Customized ROM? and if it possible to give me a link direct to ROM? Im very sorry for my explanation but I Hope can anybody Help me about this... Thank you very much and Hoping...
  4. Thanks for the quick reply... So that, when i download this Samsung Kies, it upgrade to latest Windows? and did you say when i upgrade in custom ROM it will become no warranty? its not good...but one thing,if i try to flash my Omnia it Safe or Not? Thanks again and hopefully will upgrade my Omnia...
  5. Hi to all, I've already search this forum about to my problem in Omnia 2 I8000, but still no answer and also just because i have doubt and confusing about this flashing.. Heres my Phone Device: Omnia 2 GT-I8000 PDA: I8000JPIJ3 CSC: I8000XSGIJ4 PHONE: I8000XXIJ2 I know this an Arabic, and i'll buy this here in Qatar,so that i need somebody to help me to upgrade my WM6.1 to WM6.5. Can anybody tell me or give me the best guide or what can i use ROM Version to Update my Omnia2. or someone give a link for Windows 6.5 for my Device and Guide as well. Im afraid to upgrade because i did not see my ROM for my Phone version. Theres a lot of ROM here that why i cant configure what is the good ROM for me. Thanks and Waiting for good response to my problem. :P
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