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  1. Noeri, on Franco's new kernel (r5) he's applied the latest nvidia patches and he says that they have removed the 51mhz step. It may be moot now but just thought you should know since you've been working hard at the new kernel.
  2. Can anyone who is running the franco kernel on 012 play an .mp4 file, I get a load then an instant crash using dice player. I created the boot image myself using zImage injector and Everything else is buttery smooth, shame really. I'm not surprised just wondering if video is working for anyone else, same thing happens with streaming video (using dice player, btw ). Looking forward to a Noeri's new kernel w/o sleep2wake, way to gimmicky for me plus it wakes up the cpu anytime a capacitive source touches the screen.
  3. You can change the backlight settings yourself on CM9 including the softkeys. Settings>Display>Automatic backlight>Use Custom>Edit other levels. Change the button levels to 0, no more backlit softkeys.
  4. you can name it whatever you like. Just call it that when you flash it, i.e. flashboot flash boot bootimg12.img.
  5. I'm actually still on the Tripnraver official 003, I just switched from CM9 version 007. But it's been the same for me on all Trip roms. A few versions back I noticed that use internal/external gps was not selected by default and tried internal but that it made it worse, more than 5 minutes to get a lock and at the most 4 sats out of 16, loses signal - way off while moving. There also wasn't an option to change your setting once you selected internal so I'd have to flash again if I wanted to use the default setting, which was neither? My device isn't the issue either Sense roms get a lock in less than 10 seconds. Not sure why everyone isn't having the same issues but there are definitely some users who are in the same boat as I am.
  6. Boot in to fastboot, connect to your computer. fastboot erase cache
  7. Can you take a look at gps when you have time? It takes a really long time to get a lock and is almost useless if moving. This log is from a stationary position, I've had this issue on all your AOSP/AOKP roms. Thanks! http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7782499/2012-05-18-14-27-36.txt
  8. I'm not (incoming callers) experiencing the echo on this version. I'm on AT&T in the states.
  9. Thanks! Appreciate the effort on the fixes. Once everything is ironed out, best HOX roms by far.
  10. Hey thanks for the update Noeri! I prefer this ROM over CM9 any day. Just so that you are aware. I can't get the gallery app to sync with my Picasa photos, worked on your CM9. I wiped everything before installing. The camera app still force closes if you focus on a face as well. I will report back on phone (echo) issues after a few calls. Thanks again!
  11. I can confirm that faux's kernel is working great on this rom. I was unable to get franco's kernel to boot, and while the show-p kernel works, battery isn't good as the faux kernel.
  12. I could send a message to the mod asking why he closed the thread, but I don't know exactly why or have any pull. I came to this conclusion because his closing post said "Sorry TripNRaVeR, you're banned from XDA".
  13. It appeared that the mod is under the assumption that revo and you are one and the same. I don't think it was your code. If revo signed up for xda at your house maybe they know your ip and thought it was you? Either way, continue on...
  14. I'm experiencing the call issues too, callers hear their own voice, echo.
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