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  1. Yep same here. The phone only vibrates. Is there a solution?
  2. Hello, Tried it again and it works.But i have two errors. First the SOD issue. What to do? And second i have an "Google service framework" error (proces com.google.process.gapps). Again what to do? Keep up the good work. greetings Bounser A few hours later......it seems dat that is not a SOD just an delay the respons when i press a button. But i still got the framework error......
  3. Hello everybody, I like this rom, its not that fast. But it works for me. Keep up that rom making! Greetings Bounser
  4. Did you do the install in SD or on storage? So i should try it again.......i will think about it.......it's raining so i wil have the time........maybe........oke you got me i will try it again. Dont puss me..... :huh: :) :P
  5. http://o2droid.phj.hu/trac/browser/kern_oI.../sensor/optical Maybe you can copy it in your droid files? good luck Still i am not able to run android from internal storage!
  6. Hi Centodue I am going to try it the Italian way.......may be i like it :D
  7. HELP!!!!! I am trying to install on my storage. Everything goes well untill first boot. Iam not getting a kernel panic bit the screen just goes black and it reboots. It says "OK ipc phone transfer init" and then it reboots in winmo. Which beta should i use? and which updates. it has installed the o2b2update because it is gone . Thanks Bounser
  8. Maybe you could PM Tjeerdos. He has done it in linux and he is dutch. Even i have done it and i am a noob! LOL
  9. HI Tjeerdos do you mean that you installed market over and over again untill it worked? Market doesnt start to download. I have installed some apps via the sd. But everything is giving an error. And android is now freezing all the time. Hope an update will help. For me it is not yet that far that i can use it all day. greet Bounser
  10. How do i install android on my storage. Is it faster/better then on sd?
  11. Hi Only market give me a sorry . Everything else works!! TOP!! Bounser
  12. Hello, I have android running with all updates. Its better. I have logged in my gmail account but market frooze. Again we are a step further. tnx for the tutorial. greeting Bounser ;) ;) :D :D
  13. Hoi, Top als ik tijd heb zal ik nogmaals proberen om android draaiende te krijgen. I will lett you know!! groet Sander aka Bounser ;)
  14. Ik heb hier een csc van een multi talen pakket.(CSC, BIN en MST) Volledig standaard. Msschien heb je er wat aan. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18844864/B7610NXEEJC2.csc succes Bounser verwijder het bestand over 1 week!!!!!
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