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  1. Could anyone pm me with a link to this "patcher" project ? Really disappointed here, joined his club with silver membership and thought this is something really amazing, but it seem's Paul discontinued it...
  2. I'm a little bit concerned too. There's not much activity here....
  3. I never didn't say it's Paul's fault, but the sim-unlock bug is there an so the GPe Part is unuseable for me. Disabling the sim pin is no option at all, if i loose the phone or something else happens, everyone can do what he want's with my sim card.
  4. I'm a little bit concerned about updates. Switch is a great thing, but i still can't use it really, first and for all because of the sim unlock bug. Is there beeing worked on ?
  5. I would say same procedure... Deactivate/Freeze the Nova launcher on the TW Rom, do the same to TouchWiz on the GPe ROM.
  6. I guess it's a typo. He means DISABLE. Disable all other launcher's except the one you want to use, so there's nothing the rom can ask for.
  7. Did you read my post's ? Try to use philz's recovery. Reboot between each part you flash.
  8. Could you read my last posting? Posted some more stuff, specially the Hangout's stuff, which is quite important, at least for me.
  9. Issues so far, for me: GPe Rom: - Sim-Unlock not always works - Contacts app force closes - Hangouts don't work correctly. I can send messages, but don't receive any. If i log out of Hangouts and log back in i get a badge of messages. I can send again, but don't receive anything again. This is a show stopper for me. - Switchup app not available Samsung Rom: - When switch back from GPe Facebook needs to setup sync again, E-Mail sync is off - Some apps seem to disappear (Google Drive, Books, Movies, some others) - Samsung accounts needs to be re-entered - Samsung Hub errors In general i believe you should make the install process a bit clearer. For me i need to reboot at each step of the parts to flash, else it won't work at all. I'll update this list if i find more.
  10. That is not correct and is the part where i discovered WHY i hadn't any success with flashing before, with TWRP and/or philz. Read my post above. Flash part 1, reboot to recovery again, flash part 2, reboot to recovery again, flash root part. Done. Works...i guess for TWRP it's the same, at least for people having the same problems like me before.
  11. Contacts app on GPe ROM ist force-closing, i'm on beta2. Any way to fix this ? I also got the sim-unlocking bug twice now, don't know where it comes from, but some 4.2 and 4.3 GPe ROM's on XDA have the same problems. Found something else. I'm using Google+ and Hangout's a lot, Hangout are not synched between Computer/Smartphone, i also don't get push messages through hangout, all on GPe side, Samsung works.
  12. Ok i guess i found it. I think this is the same, if you use philz's or TWRP. Go into the recovery, if you want to try to use your current rom, ONLY wipe cache and dalvik-cache, if you want to start clear wipe data and system too. 1. Install the ZIP part 1, NOW reboot the phone into RECOVERY again. 2. Flash part2, reboot system now. 3. If you want to use the root zip reboot into RECOVERY again (3rd time) and flash root. This is the way this worked for me now. I can now perfectly well switch to GPe and back. I guess the tricky part is to NOT flash part1, part2 and optional root zip after each other, you need to reboot to the recovery again. On a side note (already reported) if you switch from GPe to Samsung Facebook sync needs to be done again and the samsung account want's to be installed again.
  13. Correct. German I9505. I now even tried philz's recovery, same result. Can't believe 2 recoveries are not flashing correctly, besides that, if i restore my previously made backup with twrp and/or phil'z, everything is back to the backup state. What else could i try ? EDIT: Also checked the MD5 sums of the files i downloaded, they match.
  14. Still no answer on flashing issues ?! I flashed this several times now, wiped before, all i get is a Samsung Rom, switching doesn't work, still samsung rum. All done with TWRP latest recovery. So ? EDIT: I also can't update to beta2, i get the notice, download it, flash it, still beta1.
  15. Sorry, but whatever i do (flashed the files several times now) it's not booting to GPe Mode. It reboots, then i'm in the samsung rom again. I don't know what i could try else..
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