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  1. Hi all I have an issue I have been googleing for days and just cant find the answer anywhere and was wondering if anybody could help? My university email is hosted with gmail and I set it up on the default WM email client and everthing was fine and working perfectly until a few months ago. Now everytime it tries to send/receive I get a 'Messages cannot be downloaded to your mobile device. Make sure you are connected to the internet and that your mail account settings are correct. Then, try to download the messages again.' I googled this, and everyone seems to be getting this message when they try and send mail rather than receive it. I can still send mail though, just not receive any. I''ve deleted the account and set it up again, and it will download the 20 most recent emails and the message will pop up. If I try to send/receive again, I get the same message with nothing happening. I've tried using both POP and IMAP and they both have the same issue. Some other forums suggested leaving out the domain name when setting up the account, but that would mean it would automatically try and use '@gmail.com' and my university email has '@hope.ac.uk' although it uses gmails servers. On a possibly related note/if anyone has any ideas about this problem. Around the same time this happened, the streaming app used for m.youtube.com stopped working. A few seconds of video would play and then I'd get a time out error. Works perfectly when connected through wifi though. Any help will be greatly appreciated as I start uni again in the next few weeks. Thanks
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