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  1. I had the same problem, i had to flash a rom with Odin before it worked properly again. have you tried this yet?
  2. Hi, I've run into a problem using 2.1 unrevoked. It keeps locking up at random points in the recovery process. I've already used unrevoked once and i already have a permanent recovery (the clockwork one), but i want to put a custom one in there. I've tried both the USB ports on the front and on the back, same difference. It hangs at either of these three points: * waiting for usb * acquiring root * pushing recovery image it seems to be doing nothing at all anymore at that point, i can wait as long as i want, neither my phone nor the unrevoked tool give any response. I've tried it with two different 2.2 sense roms, the Modaco one and the ahmgsk one. As soon as i disconnect i get a communication error in the unrevoked tool, says its aborting, but it stays on aborting as well. Does anyone have any idea how to fix? many thanks, Amber Talamasca
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