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  1. I'm sure Paul's busy with his new Tab8.9 (beautiful device from the looks of things) so he might have fallen behind his development schedule. I'm going to run this for an hour this evening to see how the base build runs, but I'm most excited about the extra goodies. Any features you can name that you specifically want in it? Kernel deep sleep would be great, extended power menu too. BLN isn't my cup of tea (mostly due to battery implications) but I'm sure that's a sought after feature. Option to disable main lock screen so widgetlocker can work uninterrupted? Any other reasonable ideas?
  2. Win win win. Any benefit in testing this build now for bugs? Or just wait for extras tomorrow?
  3. Thanks Paul! Will get it going once you've dropped in some goodies! Would love that deepsleep kernel, any other mystery goodies.
  4. I use juice defender, but I have wifi on when I go to sleep to dl new apps and listen to BBC iPlayer. My phone basically does not charge when wifi is on (energy added by charger = energy drained by system+wifi) so I swapped roms. Otherwise it was really great.
  5. Going to flash the next update, the wifi battery drain meant that I couldnt update apps overnight or listen to iPlayer Podcasts because I'd fall asleep with the Wifi still on! Was going to make a tasker profile to cover these but it was too much of a mission.Looking forward to some exciting new features :) with a 1-0 win hopefully Paul will be in a good and productive mood ;)
  6. Hate this! Keep on putting off the upgrade until the build has all of these things :P
  7. Well I flashed MIUI just as I bought it and havent noticed any difference, but hopefully that's because MIUI is guzzling through my battery. Will report back once Paul has kindly released this build
  8. I've been using the anker battery on MIUI for ages, but noticed slightly shorter batery life than stock rom stock battery. Can not wait to flash this to make the most of the extended battery.
  10. The Cloud Touch iNQ Phone is soooo goooood. Got myself one. Paul's got one too, look on his twitter. Nice looking phone when you see it properly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD5W2ZubIB0...player_embedded
  11. m1le5

    Paul has iNQ

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD5W2ZubIB0...player_embedded Pretty cool phone! Facebook integration is serene. Paul has one and has rooted it, I would love the instructions in a dedicated forum :)
  12. Pauls got clockworkmod on other devices....would love it
  13. Been messing around with Set CPU on MCR1, still havent got anything stable...got screen off 100-200 okay, havent crashed, but anything other than stock settings crashes. Any ideas? Tried anything in advanced settings with success? On an extra note, anyone got any experience in the overclocking kernels? Would love to see my Galaxy S overclocked and undervolted !!!
  14. Does Keis include ADB drivers? Where do I get them?
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