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  1. So does it display the microphone icon if you have Voice Search installed? Also any way this can be made an additional IME and installed as an APK?
  2. Good stuff! Any way you could merge this with the HTC IME jonas mod? E.g. to have the voice input button. That would truly create a keyboard masterpiece!
  3. I can confirm that I flashed your ROM and it worked beautifully! Many thanks! The only other thing I did was to re-flash my Busybox, but that was easy to do from the instructions here: http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-desi...-rooted-desire/
  4. Fantastic!! You could get a free Dropbox account and make the file shared? Or maybe put it on Rapidshare or Megaupload?
  5. Great work mate! Let me know how it goes and get it up here asap! :(
  6. Awesome dude, YES PLEASE!!!
  7. Hi EddyOS.....so are you saying if I do this I WILL NOT lose my HBOOT 0.75? Also can you confirm that the GMail app is included, as I wasn't entirely sure....the copy within the kitchen about including the Mail app seems to allude to GMail not being included. Also why does it say that the FM Radio isn't functional at this time? That can't be right, surely? HTC wouldn't sell a device containing an app when you buy it which didn't work... Say I used this ROM, how do I go about flashing it over the rooted 1.15 I already have?
  8. Okay fair enough. But can someone answer my question? How do I put a rooted 1.21 ROM on top of my 1.15 BUT keep / protect my bootloader? If I use the bare-bones MCR ROM, will it do this? Is there anything in the stock 1.21 that IS NOT in the MCR? What about Google Apps (especially Gmail)? Also does the FM Radio app really not work? Seems a bit odd...
  9. But it says "os support to 1.21". Can you confirm that the second download offered DOES NOT contain 1.21? Why is life so hard? I just want to get a non-modified rooted 1.21 on my device but protect my 0.75 HBOOT. This sucks!!!
  10. Are you sure? What is the second download offered in this thread then: http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-desi...o-1-21-support/ If not, WHY is it not available then?
  11. Hi guys, started a new topic as my posts in other threads are just getting ignored. I have used Paul's original r1 guide and got a rooted stock 1.15 firmware onto my HBOOT 0.75 device. I now want to put a rooted stock 1.21 firmware onto it, but KEEP my 0.75 HBOOT. How do I go about this? I DO NOT want to use the Modaco MCR modified ROM, I just want to use a rooted stock 1.21. Where is this and how can I make sure it doesn't upgrade my HBOOT?
  12. Hey guys, couple of quick questions. Is the current OTA upgrade being pushed out by HTC today, the same as the Rooted 1.21 firmware offered on the first post of this thread? Also I've already rooted my phone using the original r1 method. How do I get the later rooted 1.21 firmware on my phone but keeping my 0.75 HBOOT? Can I use the one in this thread or will it push my HBOOT up to 0.80? Or do I have to use the MCR modified firmware? Would that also cause me to lose my earlier HBOOT version?
  13. Hi, I'm another user with the same question. I'm on a rooted 1.15 generic with HBOOT 0.75. What is now the easiest way to get a ROOTED 1.21 on my phone, preferably keeping my 0.75 HBOOT? Is there a way I can just process the OTA update but keep my phone rooted and not have to wipe everything?
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