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  1. Hi, What is sure is that i'll buy one. In France the price wil be 499€. If you can have a better price we have a deal.
  2. I'm sorry that's maybe cause English is not my first language but what soon means ? :rolleyes: Ok i'm joking :huh: I'm sure Paul you have a lot of work with the new devices but, please, don't forget us. Thanks before.
  3. I'm waiting for this update like when I was a child, ok I know it was a long time ago :), I was waiting christmas day.
  4. This is a very very good news. I was afraid you were lost in San Francisco under an orange:)
  5. This Rom is really bizarre. Cause I'm using it since a week and never have a network issue. I don't understand why some people have these problems and others have not. It's just a matter of curiosity. If someone can give me the answer....Welcome :lol:
  6. How long did you wait on the X logo ? Cause for the first boot it take a long time to start.
  7. Very bizarre this issue. Some people have and some people have not. Maybe it's a matter of provider. I never had this problem with this rom.
  8. Used Amon Ra. When tried to connect to wifi had an error message. Anyway will have an update soon :lol: Moreover I have no issue with the kernel which is provide in the kitchen so I can use it again.
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