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  1. For example with "ping"! (if you want it more detailed: Win-Start-Button - type "cmd" - Type "ping supl.google.com") Regards, wm20320
  2. the google agps server (supl.google.com) seemes to be changed to ... Does it matter?
  3. I know that problem! Do you use g-alarm in combination with s2us and spb mobile shell? I think there isn't a solution at all. It's a spb mobil shell problem. Other alarm apps are working fine on my o2. You've just to add the app to the exception-list (settings --> enhanced --> exception EXE list (or so)). Hope I could help you!
  4. @tmoll Thank you for this good advice. I failed to open a folder on my netdrive with CorePlayer however. I can open the folder with the Resco Explorer but starting the file with CP failed...
  5. #geebox Sorry, but that is not the problem. I can see the O2 Desktop on TV, there is only no video... Thank you anyway!
  6. Hallo Specialists, here my problem: My medias are on a server in my home network. An access via "Connected Home" and WLAN is possible and works well. But when I connect my O2 with an original TV out cable to my TV, there is no video on TV. (but Media Player on TV works). Do you know a solution? THX wm20320
  7. @crasy666 I 've switched finally 3 entries to "silence.wav": Statup, Close Programs and Default1. Default1 is reponsible for message-boxes and so on. During startup there is the message for entering your PIN. An explanation for all the other entries you can find in the Tonalty-directory under "registry-locations.ini". Hope, this is a help. Greetings!
  8. @HugoB Look here: http://tonality.brins0.net/ Or google for: Tonality Windows Mobile Greetings wm20320
  9. I've got the solution by myself :D! There's a small freeware program called "Tonality". There you can change all unwanted "beeps" to "silence.wav", for me it's "startup" and "close program". Hurrah! HugoB, hope you read this and it's a solution for you, too.
  10. HugoB, you cought my (and your) problem! I'm uncomfortable with it when i start my O2 and I need the silent mode ... Starting my mobile there are two different "beeps". Perhaps one of it is the "Enter PIN"-Message? I think there MUST be a way to disabel it... Greetings, wm20320
  11. Hallo Specialists, during start or shutdown my O2 (WM 6.5) there's an annoying beep-sound from the system (not the Samsung-Tune). I can't find a setting for it (such as hint-/failure-/...-sound). Is there a possibility to disable it without disabling the system sound completly? Hope, you have an idea :D thx *Solution found - Scroll down!*
  12. There are some problems by using my headset with HyperGPS and NM7: Headset plugged in - HyperGPS started - sound output: headset - Tmc activated - NM7 started - but no sound :-( What's wrong?
  13. Error reporting switched off - problem solved (at least it seems so :( ) THX a lot!
  14. First thanks to phj for your great job! TMC works fine with the current version on i8000 with wm6.5 (CE OS 5.2.21889) and Navigon 7. But there is one great problem: starting and stopping "TMC" in HyperGPS causes every time "Error on device.exe". I've testet all settings and older versions, allways the same error :( After the error-message all is well ... Some ideas? Greatings, wm20302

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