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  1. Flibblesan! The guy all my the custom roms I based for myself. Was mainly using your clean T-MobUK or DE based rom and I've used the partitioning from the HU one, since I've already had my sd partitioned to be used for internal memory. I know I had 2.1 with flash enabled, and 2.2 (CyanogenMod) with front camera enabled after a while. Never wen't to 2.3 (actually skipped it overall as an OS). I remember how the Pulse got me out of being lost in USA (went for the first time there in 2011). I then transitioned to an Xperia U device and left my Pulse to my mom, she used it for quite a while.
  2. Have you tried the win7x64 drivers?
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0o1msegwji8amjs/9-Kh8rw-S5 Here you go.
  4. Will download and test it. Results tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. :)
  5. Ok, so here is the deal. Data connection was always on with sync, wifi on for 6h time (whenever the phone wakes up, it connects to it) - connected for 8-9 times. Showed a few youtube videos at that time. Downloaded and deleted some apps, used google maps for navigating and similar things. Only got 1 restart because of google maps navigation. And after 12h (since I've unplugged it) 5 phone calls and a few text messages, I have 25% left of the battery. Personally after using cm7 with .32 kernel, this is quite a wake up call. Typing isn't laggy, battery life is better (not better than TomG cm6, but it's quite close to Styx with my use). Forgot to mention I've used Skype (for testing calls and chat) and it was ok. While calling, turned off sync and after 15 seconds, the call became fine.
  6. So I installed it in the morning and until now it's faster than cm7 kernel .32. No force closes whatsoever. Used dta2sd for swap and apps2sd ext. Used the low-mem moderate memory arangement with jit and oc to 614. so far i like it. I'll test the battery with my usage from tommorow. Only 1 problem though (that i don't mind). While rotating a green screen shows and dissapears (while loading i guess). So that's it. Will post more info soon.
  7. The os doesn't matter when it comes to usb mass storage. It should work if the usb port is ok I guess. If it's ok I'll pop another question. Does somebody gets some screen freezes or orientation problems? And will it be ok if I flash any of the custom kernels out there in thw topics (.32 of course).
  8. Ok, I know this will sound weird, but it happened to me. I phone dropped on the floor from the bed and the touch screen just stopped working. Tried flashing another rom, tried nand restore, but nothing helped. So I decided to do official update on it, and the screen just started working. So just try this, do official update to whatever version is allowed for this rom and whatever you prefer and then flash this rom again. I hope this will work for you.
  9. Well I didn't completely change it, cause I was afraid that I would lose something like contacts sync or even the calling function. I just downloaded and set another dialer as default (call log, dialing and everything).
  10. Testing it atm and I must say I love it. I only changed some images in the framework (the notification bacground is solid color now for me) and I can see that some numbers are not shown when calling. For example if a contacts number is written with +38912345678 (+389 is countr code), the name wouldn't be shown, but if it's 012345678 the caller name would be shown. Is there a workaround for this?
  11. I'll post modded version that would fit. Or you can edit the zip yourself. Just delete boot aniimation, some wallpapers, lockscreen bacgrounds, tts and something like that and it would fit. Right now I'm testing something else, so can't post any info about this thing. Will test it soon.
  12. Hey twrock, I'm just wondering how do you change the boot.img default clock speed? I mean do you recompile the kernel or there is a way to quickly change only the things you need.
  13. I saw it, but I can't test it right now (have to finish some projects and deadline is tomorrow). Will test it and give you the results (but if it's with the same battery life, then I wouldn't use it :) )
  14. I don't play games at all, but I'm getting lots of mails and calls and most of them are urgent, so I get them on daily basis. + lot's of times I just need to browse for something on my phone.
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