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  1. Hi, Pretty new to the site guys so if this is the wrong place please feel free to correct me. I was wondering if there is a programme that lets you make a soundboard, or even a way I could make my own from scratch for my omnia? Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance!
  2. Well My omnia touch screen & new omni-red Housing arrived today and after an hour of careful disassembly I managed to fit my new touchscreen no problems then 5 minutes to reassemble the new housing and I have what looks like a brand new red samsung omnia. Thanks for the tutorials and advice in this thread it was an excellent resource now I have my beautiful RED omnia with improved touchscreen, nearly 20 months old and it looks like its just out the box. Thanks again! P.S. You don't have to remove the mouse-pad and two keys on the front. I will post a pic later.
  3. Thank you, there are a lot of graphics lol. I will start one soon looking for somthing clean and red in the meantime.
  4. Anybody tell me how to make m2d v2 themes I am pretty handy with GFX and stuff. Is there a program that lets you make these themes?
  5. thanks for the reply greatly appreciated!, Will I have to flash my phone again if I hard reset or will it just go back to the Start of OCK's ROM? Also I have downloaded a few themes for M2DC but they don't seem to look the same as the preview pictures, for example the clocks are different. I think the themes I am using are for an older version of M2DC maybe. Also when I add a new theme the home screen sometimes becomes a mess as all the stuff on it bunches up together like the clock,weather and calender. Can anybody point me in the direction of proper themes for this ROM Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi does anybody know how to get the original home screen back i have added some themes but i cant get back to the one that comes with OCK's premium rom, the one with the black backround
  7. Hi guys, I am looking for some help, I have installed ocks premium ROM and it great but have a few questions. 1. Is there any other wallpapers for the home screen? and can you download other themes ect. 2. On the programs screen how do you add more programs as it only gives me four to choose from even though there are loads on the phone. 3. How to I add contacts to the contact page, do I have to retype them in because there doesn't seem to be an option to import from my sim card, will copying them to my phone need to be done first? Thank you in advance for any information it is greatly appreciated.
  8. Huge thanks to sector for this tutorial, I was able to flash OCK's WM 6.5 premium ROM first time with no problems. The only thing I did differently was a hard reset before flashing, after I had taken anything off the phone I wanted to keep.
  9. Thank you OCK, for the first time I flashed my omnia with the Premium ROM and it is stunning thank you.
  10. I just ordered a new omni red housing and touch screen and hopfully after reading this thread i will be able to restore my omnia to it's former glory!
  11. Hi folks, just joined after using this site many times as a visitor. Really impressed with the site before joining so thout its time to take the plunge and join the forum. I have just finished my 18 month contract on my Omnia and the thing is looking shabby and I'm sick of Win Mo 6.1 so I have ordered a new housing & touch screen and I am looking to get a custom 6.5 rom and get this great phone back to its former glory all with the help from this site.
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