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  1. Greetings, I installed the rom this morning and everything working great. Gratz on this rom mate , its really light , fast and do everything said in your description . How can i add themes to use from theme chooser? Thanks Vatis
  2. Greetings, I just installed the rom , its great really fast and everything working . But... my phone is burning ! I touch the battery and its very very hot and the battery drained seriously very fast from 25% to 5% now. Is that due to the kernel on the OP ? Awaiting for a reply Thanks Vatis
  3. Welcome back Trip ! That's super amazing news that we have you back in action , also i am glad that you did not forget us ! Cheers Vatis
  4. Greetings, I am ready to install this rom but i need to know if gtalk included in this rom or if not its a possibilty to have google apps zip to install extra. Thanks Vatis
  5. It is a Dream Lock , thumb up mate ! Really love it , thank you very much Vatis
  6. Great news Trip ! Thank you very much for all . I am using Miui 103 for a long time now and its the best rom so far , i tried time by time to check also some others roms from others devs, but after 10 minutes running them i couldnt handle them and back directly to Miui 103. Best Rom by far , i am satisfied with everything , even with the 3G working great at my country with out having disconnections . I also noticed that some apps if NOT moved to SD flying like hell , also games , i did not bother to move them to SD since i have more than 200mb free inside phone, the difference its huge, also the system running nonstop well ! I cant wait for this rom , i think will be something more than everyone's imagination ! You are a man on fire ! Cheers Vatis
  7. Download the extra zip in the OP , here is the link of Trip http://www.mediafire...886g8k7kzewtr6i , install it from recovery. Gratz you have talk :P Cheers Vatis
  8. Trip tell us the truth ! You love more x10 than sensation :P Hehehe, Awaiting for the 103 update! Cheers Vatis
  9. Hello guys, Just a note , i am on 1.0.2 and i am connected to 3g over 24h , always connected, date working always fine , receiving emails, messages from talk. ( I am on bb.71 ) Thanks Vatis
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