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  1. I use Market Access for this, although is not easy to find because it has such a generic name... Try googling "Market Access apk"
  2. +1 I tried recoding MKV to AVI (AVI xvid or divx seems to play just fine on the Transformer), but there are high losses on quality when recoding, I used SUPER c but Im a noob in these kind of things, some suggestions for best 720p encoding would be nice.
  3. Ill wait for Pauls version, hopefully within this week...
  4. Yeah it doesn't have flash support neither SDCard support yet... I was hoping some impressions on the hardware from long time Android users instead those iPad 2 comparisons that are in every other website... Oh well :D
  5. KaCeX

    CM7 on N1

    Yes I'd rather have the previous cyan colored theme with gingerbread, than this greenish, blackish, icons... Reporting that I had some reboots that forced me to pull my battery, has anyone had the problem that if you receive a call while charging the phone gets laggy or hangs when you answer? I leave mine on the dock and I have received calls, the phone hangs and I have to pull the battery to get it working again... I havent wiped yet, so probably is that... I dont have titanium backup yet so I dont have a way to backups my data for my apps to stay the same :D
  6. KaCeX

    CM7 on N1

    CM 7.0 RC1 released. Just flashed it and I think I'm gonna have to make a wipe because has some stuff changed quite a bit. I'll have to backup data, be back soon with more details.
  7. KaCeX

    CM7 on N1

    I'm reporting my experience so far now. I was on CM6.1.1 and bought ROM Manager to ease up the process on migrating from CM6 to CM7. I tried to install CM7 31 but chose not to install Gapps... big mistake... So, had to restore CM6 backup. Then I downloaded CM 7 32 on Saturday, I chose not to wipe cache or data btw. Has been great so far but these issues bothered me: - Got Laggy screen transitions (FYI I have ADW Launcher EX installed), had to reboot. Openning too many apps got screen laggy as well, so trying to avoid that. - A few widgets went missing: *Music *Shortcuts to some games, had to reinstall them *Fancy Widget gone missing (*today* 4 days in this one went missing WTF) - As mentioned by Psicotix, battery accuracy its way off, *thnx for the suggestion on the widget BTW* The good stuff: - Gingerbread goodies (*yay*) - Streamlined CyanogenMod Settings (At least those seem to be less cluttered and all over, or the comment below the settings its far more helpful) - Theme chooser (still not that great, but we'll see, has potential but I've not used that a lot, doesnt let save your own theme anyway) - No random reboots here either This is so far what I've seen important to report, CM6.1.1 to CM7 transition was not painful at all, except for a few reinstalls (for certain apps) no big issues with this release. I'm planning on updating every saturday to see if things have improved.
  8. KaCeX

    CM7 on N1

    Yeah XDA has so many post it's kinda hard... hence the post here ;) I was thinking of buying the ROM manager to try those out the easier way ;)
  9. KaCeX

    CM7 on N1

    I'm wondering if those nightly builds are stable enough? Has anyone tried those yet?
  10. I was following your posts until the car analogy... A car cannot update its parts via OTA update... Totally different for an analogy like that...
  11. @Cometer Agreed... If even Hacked AOSP could be (and has been) compiled to be implemented on N1 by the android community, why Google takes so much time to do it themselves, its kinda a dick move because the N1 isn't even for sale anymore, it couldn't hurt to get 2.3 on both devices... It's not like N1 couldn't handle it either...
  12. What I meant is that the Cyanogenmod Kitchen on this site is not the best kitchen, it has a lot less options than MCR and Desire Mod, I think MCR has way more options for a stock ROM and Desire has a bunch too ported and stock Relax people B)
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