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  1. I think the md5 of the first post is incorrect. I've downloaded it twice and it doesn't match: Size: 5.938.851 bytes MD5: 1FC270EB2BC67FE81E800DDA4C5A37C6 Can you confirm it Paul?
  2. Paul quick question. When updating firmware to JFB, did you update PDA, PHONE and CSC or just PDA and PHONE? I mean in Odin. Thanks!
  3. Can you share how did you remove it? Just with the "rm" command from the shell or there is some command to force the uninstallation of the preloaded apps?
  4. Wow that was fast! Keep us updated if you try it Paul! If this is legit, do you plan on supporting the GS with MCR?
  5. Do you have any kind of changelog for the firmwares? Seems kinda strange that the GS has 9 different european firmwares, and yet has just been released!
  6. Great news :) http://twitter.com/PaulOBrien/status/16301851653
  7. Terrific! Please keep us updated with your findings :) Waiting for mine to arrive.
  8. I'm just going to guess... The first thing Paul is going to check is if the incredible/myTouch Slide recovery race condition is present in the GS :) For the curious: http://www.unrevoked.com/rootwiki/doku.php...adb_in_recovery It would be awesome if I could use Titanium Backup to restore everything from my current Magic!
  9. Paul I'm really jealous right now! I have pre-ordered mine with 24-hour express delivery, hopefully it will ship tomorrow! Where did you order from? Argh I really want it right now!! :)
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