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  1. Hi, Seems there a missing 1 in 110 (the one before 111). Regards Roy
  2. Hi, Have a problem with FC & Voice Actions for Android, it's only when used from within email or sms message(click mic & I get a FC), when baking without app & tgrab it from market instead it works fine. Dunno if it's only me or someone else sees it. Regards Roy
  3. Hi, Neither can i so would be nice to know :) Regards Roy
  4. Hi, yup it is, I have it on. Btw when uploading to flickr instead all images are fine, just to picasa. Regards Roy
  5. First picture was upped correct (just bad lens cover), second (cover back removed :) )not Regards Roy
  6. Hi, I still have this issue, so not fixed for me in the " MoDaCo Custom ROM for HTC Desire with Online Kitchen - Froyo FRF85 / FRF91 with Sense" release Regards Roy
  7. Hi, You can use the "back" button on phone. Regards Roy
  8. I'll jump in with my link too. Dropbox Thanks in advance
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