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  1. Had some issues with this. Booted into TWRP, did a backup, did a wipe, flashed the zip, phone booted to a black screen and stayed there. Now the phone won't get back into the recovery partition for me to restore the backup. I can get as far as FASTBOOT&RESCUE MODE but I can't get it to go to Recovery from there. I've tired to use the Honor Multitool I found on XDA to flash BOOT, CUST, RECOVERY and SYSTEM from the UPDATE.app file from HiHonor but that doesn't seem to be working either. It will send the files across, write them and reboot the phone but then it's just in a boot loop. Any other ideas? EDIT So I've recovered it. I flashed all the same files but used the BOOT and RECOVERY images from the B170 update. That's at least allowed me to boot and now I'll go all the way back to stock and OTA update from there to get it just right again. Not sure what went wrong in the first place to make it crash so horribly.
  2. @TayandYou Wow, I didn't mean to offend you. I found your question of my understanding of English offensive.

  3. Ditto on my Nexus 4. I just get... https://twitter.com/TomkinsonR/status/322781224840089600
  4. I can confirm that it's only going to have your email address in. When booting it will say "Hello (your name), please input your password." It has your email address on the screen or a "Not (your name)?" button. At least that is what I remember...I got an 8GB one from the Play Store with my details already put in.
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