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  1. Hey... i've searched everywhere in the world, including chinese stores and i can't find any cases or sleeves for this phone... i want to buy those silicone sleeves to protect the phone but no accessories seem to exist for this phone... anyone knows where i can find this? thank you
  2. i know how to install the ROM im just saying... my phone is not from t-mobile, i've read a lot of ppl having problems with loosing 3G because they are from another country and frequencies get changed... im just asking if there is a way to update android without changing frequencies... an android update thats not for a specific provider...
  3. Hello, i just bought a Huawei U8220-6 and its not from t-mobile or any known service provider... the actual device says only Huawei.. my problem is.. every update i found is for a specific provider... so im a bit skiddish on using them... do you guys know of a generic U8220 update non service provider specific? i went directly to the huawei webpage and they have several update files but, also, all provider or country specific files.... any ideas or help? thank you very much... PS: im stuck on Android 1.5 and would like to upgrade haha
  4. Hello, i also have a U8220-6 that's not from T-Mobile and wanted to update it. all the updates i found are from T-Mobile or some other provider where can i get an update file for this phone? Hola, yo tmb tengo un U8220-6 que no es de T-Mobile y quería sabe como hacerle un update! todos los que encuentro son de algun proveedor especifico... donde consigo un update para este telefono?
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