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  1. mistercovert

    need advice

    My mate has just made a mess of unlocking his Monte Carlo and he stupidly failed to make a backup so doesn't have a .qcn file of his mac addresses. Could I make a backup on my Monte Carlo and let him install it on his phone? Or would this cause problems because I am concerned my IMEI number would be transferred over to his phone and then we would 2 phones using the same IMEI so they would be blacklisted by the network. ( we are both going to use Giffgaff sims) Can you advise is ok to restore his phone using my .qcn backup? Cheers
  2. mistercovert

    £159.95 payg orange or t-mobile from cpw

    I picked one up in CPW tonight in white. Absolutely loving the little blighter, even smaller than my LG GT540!! Lovely screen, capacitive keyboard is responsive, phone is fast and smooth. Flash works out of the box on Iplayer. It is a really good upgrade from my Gt540. When I was in tonight the phone was only showing on their system available on Orange and T-mobile. T-Mob was £149 inc vat but Orange was still showing at £199. So I got the t-mobile deal, phone is unlocked and totally unbranded.
  3. mistercovert

    2.3 based on CM7 aka swiftdroid project

    I am absolutely loving this 2.3.2 CM7 rom, it is really slick. I had a play with a Nexus S in CPW today, it was only running the 2.3.1 rom but had a newer kernal. I hope the devs can get the FM radio and wifi tethering to work, that would be awesome.
  4. mistercovert

    First 2.3 available

    Totally agree, very smooth, quick and works very well. I live the overclock options in the Cyanogen settings as well.
  5. mistercovert

    Cyanogen Mod NEW ROM(6.1.2) RELEASE-today

    I wouldn't bother with it yet, it is fairly unstable at times especially with market/gtalk problems. Also the wifi tethering option doesn't work. If you turn on wifi tether, the wifi errors out and you will need to re-boot to get wifi to work again. This should be labelled work in progress.
  6. mistercovert

    Questions about 2.2 on GT540 ( CyanogenMod )

    No it doesn't, it has USB tethering through. I use Barnacle app that gives turns the phone into an access point, this allows you to have adhoc connections with WEP security keys.
  7. Quarx has got Jit 2.1 and Flashlite working on his Black rom. Flashlite working on GT540 Excellent news!!
  8. mistercovert

    Android 2.1 for LG GT540 O2 UK?

    My GT540 boots with LG white logo, then animated LG logo and then Android animation. I would do a hard reset and then flash the phone again using KDZ. Then root, install titanium and then delete a bucket load of unwanted apps.
  9. mistercovert

    Android 2.1 for LG GT540 O2 UK?

    My GT540 is on Tesco Mobile (O2) I have used the European open version and it works perfectly with the O2 network using the Tesco apn. I have rooted mine, installed Titanium backup and uninstalled a large amount of unwanted apps and the phone is working superbly. I've got 15apps installed and I still have 51mb free. I have used the KDZ updater a few times now and it works well and is very easy to use. I wouldn;t bother waiting for the Official O2 rom as the european open version is excellent and is the most recent build as well.
  10. Can you confirm if this tablets supports Flash? I saw these in Tescos yesterday and they looked good value for money?
  11. mistercovert

    Goodbye friends

    Yes it was, had a play for about 20mins and I was impressed. The screen isn't bad at all, I thought it was going to be terrible - I was pleasantly surprised. Phone was unlocked GSM stock as well and is quad band, at present I have a Hong Kong V10B_00 build dating from July 2010 on the phone, used Univeral Androot to root the phone and install superuser. The media support including divX and Xvid could prove welcome, music quality is good, speaker isn't quite as loud as the Pulse. The build quality is very good and the bigger 1500maH battery is welcome as well. 3.5mm headphone jack as standard so no convertor needed. For £99 for a new Android phone, is excellent value, I was tempted to try the Samsung i5801 with its capacitive screen but that £150 + topup at Orange store, but I couldn't justify the extra £50 for a second phone/hack phone. My Blackberry 3G is my main phone.
  12. mistercovert

    Goodbye friends

    I have also left the Pulse fold as well. Sold my Pulse for £70 and I have just picked up a LG Optimus GT540 for £99. Got it rooted, tethered and all the apps I need and I have still got 70mb spare. Runs very solid, feels better quality than the pulse and the resisitive screen isn't too bad once you get used to it. Also it doesn't have the sms problem. Running a very recent 1.6 build at the moment but 2.1 is due this month. I'll miss the Pulse but not the SMS bug
  13. mistercovert

    2.1 from swedish operator Tre

    Installed the Vanilla Tre 2.1 on my T-Mobile Pulse, using T-Mobile Uk sim and I get the 3G icon coming up regularly when browsing the web. Definately the most stable 2.1 rom i have used so far.

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