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  1. Hello I did the OTA upgrade last Tuesday and everything appeared to be ok at first. I soon discovered that the led alert light didnt work with ChompSMS. That was soon resolved by using Textra. However a more troubling problem is the phone signal keeps dropping and sometimes it takes a reboot to get it back, is there a way to fix this. I am considering getting a custom rom and going back to 4.2.2, is that feasible considering I am on 4.3? Thanks John
  2. My daughter is addicted to Moshi Monsters, she has an iPad v1 but the website doesnt work so well on it as its all flash based. Can anyone recommend an Android tablet (I guess it will have to be running Ice cream sandwich). Also a bluetooth keyboard or keyboard dock is available will also be an advantage. Many Thanks John
  3. I see quite a few are on Ebay now for a £70+ mark up! Still tempted..........lol
  4. Hi I followed this guide, specifically how to install MCR. I found it very straight forward. http://android.modaco.com/content/advent-v...p-update-guide/
  5. Fantastic, thanks. Just what I was looking for :(
  6. After having an iPad V1 for a while and selling it. I've been making do with a laptop. I've always been a fan of tablets and have had in my time a HP TC1100 and a Samsung Q1 umpc. Was getting reading to try out an android phone like the Dell streak or a hacked HD2 but then I though for another £50 I could have a tablet again, looked at the Vega and had seen what Paul had accomplished and watched some Youtube videos all about the Modaco mods and made my purchase yesterday. Spent most of last night tweaking it, loving the performance. Screen viewing angles aren't great but tolerable. Just trying to learn all the best bits to tweak so busy searching through the forum. I would like some sort of neoprene sleeve, does anyone know where I might get one? I've checked on ebay thinking there would be loads on there. But they may be listed under another device. Looking forward to 2.3 and possibly 3.0 mods in the future :-)
  7. If anyone is trying to buy in the usa to ship to the uk. You could try http://www.usabox.com/
  8. Great review on Endgadget http://www.engadget.com/2010/06/06/dell-streak-review/
  9. Thanks for the info will look at that.
  10. JKKMobile website has got a 24 minute "First Impressions" review if your interested.
  11. Well I like the iPhone - its a good phone with some great apps, but even with a jailbroken one it feels restricted and I'm feeling more and more drawn to an Android phone. People want to be able to customise their phones to suit there lifestyle. The flexibility of Android is great and if its rooted then the possibilities are endless. Why would Froyo make it stock UI? If someone ports a rom over yes, but when Dell send an OTA update it will still have there UI on it. There should be and option to have both.
  12. Hiya Now its been rooted, will it be possible to go back to the Android UI rather than the Dell customised one? Also I tried a demo unit in an O2 store and it seemed a bit laggy to me. It also seemed very big lol. I'm very tempted though but will wait to see a few video reviews and the new iPhone is announced tomorrow - see what tricks (if any) that has up its sleeve! John
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