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  1. atoxx

    Infinite loop on startup

    Thx mouin but i've resolved it. I boot in USB AMSS Download Mode with this combinations of key CAMERA* + VOLUME UP + POWER (2 vibrations). Then i can flash SD_Acer_LiquidMetal_1.001.02_EMEA-GEN1_01.00.18 finally.
  2. Hi, i hope that anyone can help me. My phone is in infinite loop. Before i've a CM7 and since i don't like it i've load by acer download tool a file bin Acer_LiquidMetal_1.100.00_EMEA-GEN1_01.02.02 and then at the next startup my phone is always blocked in Android writing. Can i solve it? I had CWMrecovery5.8.4.3-Mt-Touch installed but if i try to load it can't start. For Italians Ho il telefono bloccato sulla scritta Android e non si schioda da li. In precedenza aveva CM7 e siccome mi dava problemi ho deciso di rimettere la rom stock. Ho prima fatto un wipe all da recovery CWMrecovery5.8.4.3-Mt-Touch. Poi ho riavviato messo il cellulare in debug mode e caricato tramite adt la rom Acer_LiquidMetal_1.100.00_EMEA-GEN1_01.02.02. Terminata la procedura senza problemi mi ritrovo il cellulare in loop sulla scritta Android. Ho provato ad entrare in recovery ma credo che l'installazione della rom stock l'abbia corrotta(si avvia la recovery ma poi si riavvia il cellulare). Se non sbaglio c'è una procedura per caricare un nuovo bin, mettendo questo file sulla sd e poi avviare il cellulare in qualche modalità. Ricordo bene?
  3. Can i flash over rom stock? i've recovery mt 2.2 how can I install recovery cwm? I must delete recovery mt 2.2 and if yes how?
  4. Hi guys, what i've to do for load this rom? ?I've rom stock 2.3.6 with root e recovery. I must simply load the file zip? I don't understand what is the first step 1. Flash V.4 Is this file [LiquiMT]CM7 - Nightly_HOLO_V.4? Can you help me? Excuse me for my english :)
  5. atoxx

    How i can modify startup programs??

    I knew but i think that there was an app than can help me :s
  6. atoxx

    How i can modify startup programs??

    nothing, anyone work with metal :( surrender me :(
  7. atoxx

    How i can modify startup programs??

    I tried also ES Task Manager and super manager e didn't work. I can't know wath i do :( thanks a lot for all. But there'snt a configuration file where hai modify the list of startup app?
  8. atoxx

    How i can modify startup programs??

    don't work this app :( other solutions?
  9. atoxx

    How i can modify startup programs??

    thaks for help ;) i try it and i will let you know
  10. Hi at all, can i modify startup programs??? I ask this because at startup i find very applications that i don't use :unsure: Thanks
  11. Very well, it work with this folder :D thanks k0zmic
  12. I think " adb shell nandroid-mobile.sh " but i'm not sure, wait expert :D
  13. Hi to all, i would to do a backup(nandroid + ext) that my metal by recovery 2.2 but doesn't work, it say: " Error: Run 'nandroid-mobile.sh' via db " I know to use adb, any help me??? Excuse for my english
  14. atoxx

    Sms not received

    It's very strong this issue, i couldn't that you resolve it easily. This issue there's with anyone sim?

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