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  1. I think we should all pray that the next Nexus phone is NOT another plastic Samsung, I really cannot stay the cheap look and feel of the last two. I really hope it will be a solid and premium looking device made by either Sony, HTC or Motorola. According to the rumors it is even possible to see multiple Nexus devices this year. One thing is sure - I'm not going to buy a Samsung made Nexus.
  2. It looks really nice... BUT it is still too Samsung for me... Great display, great software and.. that's it! I will definitely wait for an ICS device with 720p screen from HTC and ICS-based CyanogenMod.
  3. I have HTC Legend and San Francisco, both running MSM7227 chipset. Maybe I can try to port Sense UI ROM with the XDA kitchen, however I think I'll need some help from the more experienced Blade developers.
  4. I haven't tried r5a and cannot confirm if the issues are present there, but definitely there are problems with the WiFi and the network signal strength. I assume that is due to discrepancies between the new kernel and the radio firmware. Thanks a lot for your time and effort spent on that great ROM.
  5. I mean that I loose mobile network signal, the bars are empty. I know that when WiFi is on the mobile data connection icon 'G' or 'H' disappear, but that's not the case.
  6. Thanks a lot for the hint. Still getting low signal strength and WiFi is disconnecting randomly... also noticed that when I connect to a WiFi network the signal of the mobile network is getting lost. Anyone experiencing the same problems?
  7. @Flibblesan Thanks for the great ROM. I have some weird issue with FancyWidgetPro. It cannot retrieve weather forecast details. It is working fine on JJ5. Do you think it can be some DNS problem? Also the signal strength is very bad... Could you please have a look at these when you have time. Thanks in advance.
  8. via Twitter Federico Carnales: If you had an old version of LauncherPro installed and it expired, your phone is NOT bricked! Instructions on the next tweet.... Federico Carnales: Please go to http://www.launcherpro.com/market.html and click on the link to open the Android Market, then update to the latest LauncherPro.
  9. What about the battery life with the new kernel? Is there any battery drain like with the old stock kernel?
  10. Hi guys. I'm using MCR without additions and I have the following problem. My default launcher is LauncherPro Plus and when I wake up the phone with the turn key it becomes unresponsive (working very slow) for 5-10 seconds. It behaves as it wakes up from hibernation. After that it works fine. Someone else experiencing the same thing? Is there any way to avoid this 5-10 seconds lagging?
  11. I installed Gingerbread theme on RLS3B Jellyfish. While I was charging the phone I noticed that the battery icon changes its position by about 1px when going from the image with the percentage to the image for charging and vice versa. This happened when the charging was in the orange zone .. in the area of 20-30%. Hope this could be fixed for future updates.
  12. I installed the RLS3b today. Very fast ROM so far, but needed to remove a lot of apps from /system/app. It will be great if the next release includes a version without any additional apps preinstalled, just the stock Android ones... Though great job of the dev, keep up the good work.
  13. Guys, did anyone try this ROM with enabled Hardware Acceleration? Are there any UI graphics artefacts?
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