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  1. good to hear we're expected to play beta testers again, they should really start with a discounted price and put the price up when it works properly... Ok, putting software aside, what's the build quality like, does it feel nice, solid, good buttons, nice display?
  2. I've been here before circa 1987 with a hardware accessory for the ZX spectrum, they promised that when the software arrived it would do everything they promised on the box... I still don't have the software... Time's have changed just a little... Am I right in thinking this could constitute a breach of the misleading sales claims clause outlined in consumer protection law, Dell's information on the 2.2 release was not caged in a 'maybe' in the press releases I read at the time, it was stated as fact as arriving in 2010. If they do not meet that promise it's my understanding that I would have cause to return the device for a full refund with no costs associated to myself. I don't want to, but I feel that they should be obliged to expend more resources to meet their promise.
  3. thanks, I think I'll stick to carrying a spare and maintaining the svelte lines of my streak... plus it would take some serious modding to get my official case to fit around that...
  4. I know nothing about this company, just came across this press release; New battery provides capacity of 4800mAh - more than triple over stock Dell Streak battery. (PRWEB) September 23, 2010 -- Mugen Power Batteries (http://www.mugen-power-batteries.com), producer of premium quality extended batteries for mobile devices, announced the launch of new extended battery for Dell Streak. The new product - HLI-M01MXL (http://www.mugen-power-batteries.com/mugen-power-4800mah-extended-battery-for-dell-streak-m01m.html) has a capacity of 4800mAh - more than TRIPLE of the stock Dell Streak battery, which only has 1530mAh. http://news.yahoo.com/s/prweb/20100923/bs_.../prweb4546214_1 Anybody used this company's products, sounds great!
  5. preferred having forward and back arrows, not exactly short on horizontal real estate so not sure why they dropped those, unless I am missing an option, I guess this is not a final release product...
  6. volume control is really whack, where else do you push right to go down, and get a visual on screen that moves in the opposite direction! I agree that fixing the volume control as opposed to having it reverse behaviour when the device is portrait is sensible, but either switch the up/down or fix the on-screen graphic!
  7. randomly the bottom most row of the hideous new keyboard will stop responding to touch when replying to text message, weirdly hitting the off button, un-locking and returning fixes it, please bring back num pad option or at least some cursor left|right keys!
  8. love it, use it for at least 3hrs a day for filtering email, catching up on news feeds, online video, handles everything very nicely, there are some glitches, I have so many apps installed it would not be fair to blame it all on the streak but am hoping the reason they are taking time on 2.1 is to make sure it's rock solid... personally most of my passwords have numerics in and I quickly got used to have a keyboard with a numeric pad, after learning to use it they better leave it in as an option for us early adopters... gee, I even make and receive a call now and again... highly recommend and I have been through a lot of handheld going back to the psion 5 (I have a receipt somewhere for a £200 4mb compact flash...ouch) [edit] I reckon on buying a new handheld every 6 months or so, if you are likely to hold this next one for a couple of years and can wait a little longer you might want to look at Dell Thunder and by the end of the year there should be some Tegra2 based tablets that should run android in a slightly larger tablet form very nicely
  9. I think it's an exciting development, there's a generation of people familiar with programming in the UK thanks to the availability of low cost personal computers and programming languages that could be quickly learnt and applied. I think a programming tool that can quickly deliver to non-programmers satisfying albeit basic results will really help individuals get an understanding for what programming is about. Anyone with an aptitude for the skills involved would almost certainly go on to delve deeper, I think this is a very good thing.
  10. Dell delivered on their last promise and my items arrived today, dock, battery, car kit, case, sync cable. Not sure what we are comparing with, I've mostly bought cheap knock-off as opposed to manufacturers official stuff, but I think these are pretty nicely made pieces, the HDMI dock is solid and looks neat with a nice finger print repelling surface, with the supplied USB to power cable attached it charges fine. I guessed the HDMI out was going to be restricted to the Dell video player, we need to beg them to release some source so that others can make more of this feature! The case fits well and I've tried shaking the device out of its holder and it seems nicely secured, 'credit card' slots are not quite there, either in portrait or landscape 2 cards don't neatly fit, but you can fit 2 or 3 card in there without messing with the case closing. The case is trying to hit a bit of a retro note, looks and feels a little like the classic moleskine notebooks which suits me fine :D
  11. After making an awful racket with Dell including pointing them to this thread and asking to cancel the order so I could re-order what they had stock of I now have a magical 'Order Shipped' notice, if only they would acknowledge that they are doing what they can we would all award them some brownie points no? This is for the dock, car dock, soft-case, battery and spare cable; Sent On 07/07/2010 ETA 12/07/2010
  12. edit: Just called, got transferred to a lady, who transferred me to a man, who said the delivery date was the 22nd June, when I pointed out that had already passed he transferred me to another man, who told me the support systems were down and to call back in 2 hours, I asked for a callback but they 'cannot' do that, hmm, If anyone wants to return their streak I would assume we are all now covered by the fact we were promised HDMI output, but the reality is that you cannot have that, so I was certainly were mislead at point of sale... OK, called their 'large business' number, funnily enough their systems were fine, they put me through to 'home sales' who were also up and running... they will respond within 2 days with a reason for the 2month plus delay...
  13. Count yourselves lucky, I ordered a wallet, hdmi dock, extra battery, sync cable, car kit, and this is what I get in return :lol: Estimated Delivery Date: 19/08/2010 Carrier: Not Shipped Tracking Number: Not Shipped Now Dell, please confess, you did not have (m)any of these in stock when you sold it to me!
  14. perhaps they are just testing the delivery mechanism ready for the big day...
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