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  1. wow nice andrew... a lot of apps who i need? can i attach it on my ROM?
  2. i think for omnia the CPU is very good.. Working on 600Mhz but the RAM is very bad.. thats only 128 MB... more RAM is very good i think 256MB work excellent on our omnia
  3. tried your work adhip and thats great.. :D i can study your rom for my project next :D good job man ;) SELAMAT!
  4. are you mean G-Trigger? things i know that is for HTC devices only and can't be used on omnia.. :)
  5. the best way is cooking ROM for yourself.. :)
  6. im sorry for the link that's my fault.. but the link its working now.. :(
  7. wow nice ROM much have a bigger storage space than me.. but there is a netCF 3.5?
  8. Thanks Yonn.. Hope people like it.. Yeah i think the PDC is very classical clock and the simply one.. no use big resource & memory... :( me too its a classical memories when i used this clock with my XDA II... its about 2-3 years ago...long long time ago.. who i dont understand what is the cooking is... :(
  9. look at windows vista, windows 7, and tablet pc they serve a great variety of features including the "ReadyBoost" is it possible they would regale us these features on windows mobile. I think it seems less unfair if the windows mobile is not given the feature .. I think the features in Windows mobile is much more backward than the PC .. All I know is "ReadyBoost" use flashcard for beginning.. Why windows mobile not? windows mobile also has a flashcard in the form of SD / MMC. why windows mobile so far behind from a Windows PC? really confusing .. There is feedback?
  10. Black And White XLite WM 6.5 Build 21908 Based on DXID1 FW Removed : many much apps who i dont needed... Keep : internet explorer 5, WMP 10, and other useful apps Working under NET CF 4 and kitchen OSKitchen Zero 1.31 Beta 10 Just gonna share my work with other.. :( LZX Compression Size : 47,6MB Storage : 186MB Program : 66MB ~ Pagepool : 8MB File system Cache : 4096KB Sorry i can't upload a XPR compression because my internet has very slow :P please feel free to give criticism and advice coz iam a newbie and i am 16 years old :( Download Link : https://cid-e55dfa43f169c495.office.live.co...08%5E_XLite.exe
  11. Yeah me too.. on xda is very bored hear thing about HD2... Bored because i dont have "that" :( . I am a newbie too... selama tidak berhubungan sama radio kagak bakalan ancur tu hp bro..
  12. thx for the information but i think omnia have a 16GB internal memory ( and of course isn't a External memory ) and XDA_UC need a files on a SD card not in //Windows ... i want it boot from //windows so no need have tell other to copy my themes files onto they storage card :( i haven't try it.. but u can try it.. with many post on XDA developer who developed a XIP.bin :( try it and give a feedback to our.. so we can know how/what happened after u using it.. :P
  13. yes use resource editor... anyway can u tell me how to make a custom theme default on cooking? i tried many times but it can't get default.. ;)
  14. what kind kitchen u are using? the batt driver http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...for-omnia-here/ camera mod pako777 http://www.modaco.com/content/forum/284504...-applet-driver/ TV out... hmmm i think TV out is in your OEM files.. try to search it... and edit initflashfiles.dat for add the icon to your start menu.. HTC Scroll <--- for what u using it? I love the original scroll from microsoft... better... All u need is a clean ROM buddy... :D
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