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  1. Maybe you've done this but if not.. try to copy all files from cm_beta2.zip archive directly on My storage. I mean do not create any directories on My storage, such that o2beta directory is in the root directory of My storage. Then run "androidinstall.exe" from o2beta folder.
  2. Hi all!! I have an i8000L model and installed CMB2 about 100 times on my storage and sdcard. Everything in Android works smooth and perfect except camera! I've never managed to get it working on android. On WM camera works without problems. Flashed several ROMs (all parts - PDA, CSC, Phone, Eboot) - doesn't help. I've updated camera firmware with FirmwareUpdate.exe - it doesn't help. Dialing *#2470# shows: ISP FW[71,03] PRA[71,1A], AF[NONE]; BIN FW[71,03] PRA[71,1A], AF[NONE]; Phone FW Ver Check [ OPCF18] FirmwareUpdate.exe shows: ISP Ver Check [ NEC CE131F] Anyone has any ideas what can be wrong?
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