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  1. Thanks all for the answers. I understand that until the official 2.2 android rom for the Magic and it's kernel sources are out (if they ever get out) my question is nonsense. But looking at the specs of the magic and the hero (Specs comparation), the official build and kernel sources should come with usefull drivers (except for the camera) for our Hero. I know the other way round is not posible because of memory issues (the Hero's got more) but didn't find anyone (or thread) exploring this option for the future. Somebody tell me if I'm wrong, I'm from the PC OSs and, there it would be flawless but don't know if I'm missing something here in the mobile world. Edit: dyslexia
  2. I need to ask this and see if it could be done If the news are true and the Dream/Magic are going to get 2.2 and the are barely the same hardware, would it be posible to get a sense-less 2.2 easily? :lol: I didn't find any info on the forums and I'm just curious. Thanks in advance.
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