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  1. I didn't think it ever was. The kitchen is reserved for paying members, but you can download the stock r12 as a normal user.
  2. Wish he'd get more on the team to help out. Kinda seems this ROM is dead. I remember the G1 and Nexus one would get updates about once a week or every other. Thats why I came back with my Nexus 4 :unsure: @t0ph0id Whats is like going from Modaco Cyanogen to Pure Cyanogen? Worth it?
  3. Never seen a current nexus phone go so long with out an update. Everything okay Paul?
  4. I just flashed this ROM after lack of updates in Jr. Does anybody else have an issue with voice actions / commands don't work for any app while connected to bluetooth? It doesn't try. Just fails immediately saying didn't catch that
  5. I have swiftkey. It so much more conveient to have them at the bottom instead of losing keyboard space or looking for them in the numbers. The arrows also act as a tab for navigating through forms which is very very nice.
  6. The arrow keys are on AOKP at http://aokp.co They only show when the keyboard is up.
  7. Is it possible to add the menu arrow keys while typing like in AOKP or a mod i could flash?
  8. I get this too. Cant seem to find a way to remove it even after rebooting and reflashing. I also have odd spacing between notifications now that results in clipping. Any one have these problems too or can offer a fix?
  9. Its always checked on. Even after reboot. When I uncheck it and recheck it the NFC while screen off still is spotty. Its odd that i have to uncheck it and recheck for it to even work while screen on from time to time
  10. Been having trouble with the "NFC active when screen is off" option. Ive baked it in the last four flashes. It worked the first flash, but hasnt since. and from time to time ill have to uncheck the NFC option and recheck for it to work period. Any ideas?

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