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  1. gumbald

    Sky Go

    So the latest version of this also has a check whether the APK has been decompiled and recompiled - I guess to check for the debug keys when recompiling, is there any way around this?
  2. gumbald

    Sky Go

    Has anyone else started looking at making the Sky Go app available to all devices including those with custom kernels and root yet? So far it's been relatively easy to bypass the restrictions on the OS and device type, but I've come up against a brick wall with other things. Has anyone had experience in preventing an app checking the kernel/recovery or root before?
  3. It'll become available to you when your network makes it available. Android 4.0 hasn't been officially released for this phone yet.
  4. Just baked a ROM without Swype in with the intention of installing the Swype beta - I've installed it but it's FCing whenever I get near it, is there something I missed? EDIT: Spoke too soon - restart, uninstall, restart, install and enable seems to have it working. Not sure which was the crucial bit.
  5. I'm sure rooting my Desire back in the day was easier! What's the jig? I've prepared myself with a download of the official firmware, the KG2 unsecure firmware and Odin. Plus I'm about to bake a free MCR! EDIT: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1075278 - this guide says to then flash the stock to then remove the yellow triangle? EDIT: Went for it. I can put up with that yellow triangle for how often I reboot the phone! Just downloading MCR ready to update.
  6. I think the point is, not all of us have access to a US server! EDIT: I'm confused, I can get hulu.com using the VPN but Google still seems to think I'm outside the US...
  7. Just tried going to the Google Music site using key from hostizzle.com and OpenVPN. I'm shown as being in Ohio on other sites, but Google still gives me the outside US message. Could they have blocked the VPN address too? Bit reluctant to sign up for a VPN subscription when the only thing I'd immediately need it for is this! I've got a Desire too, so can't use the Xoom method. Anyone else used one of the free VPNs, or is there something in my Google account I have to change too to make me appear US?
  8. Does it feel reasonable quality, or like it's been made cheap as possible?
  9. Definitely an idea for the future when it's less tied by IP address...
  10. I'm getting an error 42 with a 4GB Sandisk that came with the phone? Going to order an 8GB tonight as I was going to change anyway, do I make sure it's a Sandisk?
  11. https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTIxMzMyOQ Ta! :)
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