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  1. Hi, i encounter the error, fail to open zip when installing bake rom zip file. I am using CWM for recovery.is there anyone that can help me?
  2. wanna ask a noob qns. coz i'm new to this rooting thingy and custom roms. I cant realli find a definate ans to these qns so i decided to post to find out. 1) what is A2SD? izzit a app to allow us to store our app into SD card? 2) what's a kernel and loopback means? i saw this somewhere: * Tuned kernel (probably you will lose loopback with this kernel!) 3)what's a custom recovery image? i tried use the link of this post at the requirement section to see wad's it about. but was lead to main page. lol. Is it the image which i saw in the folder "r5-desire-root-alt", by the file name "recovery-window.bat"? Thx for helping me out!!
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